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Tracey Horton, a survivor of childhood domestic violence and abuse, has emerged as a leading voice in the crusade against such atrocities. With over three decades of personal healing and professional growth, Horton has transformed her traumatic past into a platform for change, providing resources and support to countless others in their journeys to recovery.

Horton’s early life was marked by severe abuse, with a schizophrenic father and alcoholic mother creating a nightmarish environment for a child. However, Horton’s resilience has been evident throughout her life. Now, with a loving family of her own and a thriving professional career, she is an emblem of hope for many.

“I am deeply committed to eradicating these crimes. No child or woman should endure what I experienced. For those who suffered, I stand ready to guide them towards healing,” Horton shared.

Horton’s professional achievements are notable. As an acclaimed international public speaker, author, and life coach, she has made significant strides in supporting those affected by domestic violence and abuse. Her involvement with various life coaching programs, a published book, and plans for further courses and publications emphasize her dedication to the cause.

Being recognized by the Women Economic Forum (WEF) adds another feather to Horton’s cap. Besides being a qualified life coach and neuroscience practitioner, she serves on the board of the WEF. Recently, Horton was named among the WEF’s 100 global world changers, focusing on Empowering Women. Moreover, the ‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence’ award by the WEF underscores her significant contributions.

“It’s inspiring and motivating to be acknowledged in my field. My core passion lies in uplifting women and making a lasting difference in their lives,” Horton remarked.

The title of Horton’s first book, “The Unhappy Smile”, gives a glimpse into her personal journey. “Through this self-help book, I aim to connect deeply with readers, helping them navigate their unique paths and find their authentic selves,” Horton explained.

Horton further elaborated on her coaching programs: “The healing journey can be lengthy, evident from my programs ranging from six to 17 weeks. Regardless of the duration, the primary goal is to facilitate healing, self-love, and personal transformation.”

With plans to introduce more resources to her repertoire, Horton is excited about upcoming local events in Australia. “I’ve impacted many globally, but now it’s time to concentrate on home soil,” she said.

Horton concluded with a rallying call, “For every woman seeking help, remember, you’re not alone. Reach out, and together, we can navigate the path to healing.”

About Tracey Horton International

A champion for survivors of abuse and domestic violence, Tracey Horton has transformed her traumatic beginnings into a mission of healing and empowerment. An international award-winning public speaker, author, and life coach, Horton’s dedication is evident in her expansive work, ranging from life coaching programs to her debut self-help book, ‘The Unhappy Smile’. For more information, visit Tracey Horton International.

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