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How to increase a car’s sale price by 20 per cent – Jim’s

Demand for car detailing surges as Aussies put their used cars on the market to upgrade to new vehicles. Car detailing increases the sales price by up to 20 per cent. The new car market in Australia is still experiencing strong sales as Aussies upgrade their vehicles despite the rising cost of living. Deliveries of new cars grew last month and set a new July record. Data released by the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries industry body reported 96,859 new vehicles sold last month, up 14.78 per cent on the same month the prior year.

“Many people opt to sell their car privately when buying a new car to squeeze as much out of the sale as possible instead of using it as a trade in,” Jim’s Cleaning Group, CEO, Ali Olmez said.

“Car yards never give you as much for your car when you trade it in as what you can get when you sell it yourself. One of the most important things you must do when selling your car is get it professionally detailed. Car detailing can increase the sale price of your car by as much as 20 per cent. For many people this can mean thousands of dollars.

“Across the Jim’s Car Detailing, we have over 200 franchisees spread around the country. Our Car Detailing franchisees are reporting a surge in demand for car detailing as people try to sell their cars privately.”

According to Ata Berberoglu, Jim’s Car Detailing franchisee for the Randwick area in Sydney, demand for car detailing to prepare cars for sale now represents 50 per cent of his business.

“There is so much demand for car detailing for people wanting to sell their cars privately,” Berberoglu said.

“My customers want to get as much money for their cars as they possibly can. Car detailing can transform your car from looking old and tired to appearing shiny and new. In a matter of hours, we clean and polish inside and out and bringing your car back up to looking almost new.

“We are able to remove stubborn stains, scuff marks and even buff out scratches on the paint work.”

The benefits of car detailing:

Here are top tips about the value of car detailing from Jim’s Cleaning Group CEO, Ali Olmez

Increased sale price

Car detailing is a specialised process that helps to achieve a car’s ‘as new’ appearance, both inside and out. Where a regular wash cleans the car, car detailing is a deep clean that cleans and revitalises the interior and the exterior, removing scratches and other blemishes on the car’s paintwork.

Car detailing improves the overall look and appearance of the car enhancing its appeal and value to potential buyers. Thorough detailing can increase the sale price value of a car by up to 20 per cent. In many cases, this can add thousands to the sale price.

Removes evidence of pets and smoking

Car detailing involves vacuuming, shampooing and steam cleaning the interior, carpets and seats, as well as other parts of the car.

Where a car also shows signs of pets and smoking, we are able to use our proprietary special purpose anti-bacterial cleaning products that remove smells and residue from seats, carpets and the air conditioning vents.

Our cleaners are safe and non toxic but extremely powerful and effective at removing stains and odours. We also apply another product that leaves your car smelling like a new car.

Restore the interior and exterior to new

Over time the car interior can become scuffed and marked. Leather seats are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear and become worn and cracked looking. Car detailing can restore the surface of leather seats and get them looking great again.

First we clean them, then scrub them with a detailing brush and wipe them dry with a microfibre towel. Then we apply leather conditioner to hydrate the leather and bring out its natural shine.

Car detailing can bring a car back to looking new so that it looks fresh, well maintained and in good shape, which is what buyers look for when purchasing a second hand car.

Find a good detailer

Car yards invest a lot of time and energy into detailing cars to get them ready for the lot. Just as used car yards present their cars as near new, so can everyone else. The key is to find a good detailer.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, our franchisees have undertaken considerable training and only utilise authorised Jim’s Car Detailing products which are proven to deliver a great result without compromising the integrity of the car’s surface, seats or paintwork.

The cost of car detailing starts at around $220. Ultimate detailing starts from $325. Detailing can add thousands of dollars in value to the sale price of a vehicle so it is well worth the investment. A good detailer will also let you know what your options are and what service will deliver the best outcome for your investment.

Experienced car detailers can solve most issues. In addition, it is also important to ensure the vehicle is listed on as many sites as possible, the ads should be supported with good photos and ad details should be comprehensive and authentic. Avoid copying and pasting content from other sites.

About Ali Olmez

Under Ali Olmez’s leadership, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning experienced tremendous growth and success. When he took over in 2007, there were only four franchisees operating in his region. Through his marketing skills, Ali transformed it into the leading carpet cleaning service in Victoria with an impressive network of 25 thriving franchisees.

Inspired by this achievement, Ali sought to make an even greater impact. He made the bold decision to sell his thriving Carpet Cleaning Victoria Franchisor rights and acquire the rights for Jim’s Car Detailing Australia and New Zealand. Once again, this venture proved to be a resounding success for Ali and his team. In recognition of their profitable outcomes and the high satisfaction levels among their 200 franchisees, Jim’s Car Detailing was honoured with the prestigious ‘Division of the Year’ prize in 2015.

In 2012, Haydar Hussein appointed Ali as the CEO of Jim’s Cleaning Group. Under his leadership, Jim’s Cleaning Group expanded from 300 to 1,350 franchisees, and this number continues to grow every day.

In 2019, Jim’s was ranked among the Top 10 franchises in Australia by Top Franchise Awards. Over the next three years, it maintained its position in the Top 10 rankings until finally claiming the title of Number One Australian Franchise.

About Jim’s Cleaning Group

Jim’s Cleaning Group is a trusted Australian household name since 1994, offering cleaning, carpet cleaning, mobile car detailing, blind cleaning, window cleaning and pressure cleaning services Australia-wide. All their cleaners are highly trained and experienced, and dedicate themselves to doing the best possible job.

All cleaners have been police-checked, so clients can feel safe letting cleaners into their homes. Jim’s Cleaning is a franchisee business that operates in multiple locations across Australia, and has more franchises than any other Australian cleaning business. Haydar Hussein is the founder and divisional owner of Jim’s Cleaning Group and has 1,300 franchises.

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