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Cosmetic clinic sounds the alarm on TikTok’s ‘Barbie Botox’ trend

The success of this year’s ‘Barbie’ movie might be lauded in cinema halls, but it’s echoing rather alarmingly in Australia’s cosmetic clinics. Cosmetic professionals, witnessing the ‘Botox Barbie’ craze on TikTok, urge caution.

Dr Vivek Eranki, CEO of Cosmetique, is particularly vocal about the potential pitfalls of such trends.

“The Barbie movie has performed well globally, but an unintended side-effect has been the ‘Barbie Botox’ trend on TikTok. There’s a growing number of clients seeking an exaggerated Barbie doll look, potentially over-extending their Botox treatments,” noted Dr Eranki.

He added, “When combined with makeup, wigs, and filters, this trend can often culminate in a distinctly artificial look. Some are also embracing the ‘Trap Tox’ trend, seeking Botox on their trapezius muscles for a slimmer neckline.”

Dr Eranki does acknowledge the merits of Botox. “Increased access to Botox has empowered individuals to address appearance-related insecurities. When applied judiciously, it can yield natural and enhancing results, and even younger users find it beneficial to maintain their youthful complexion.”

However, excess can lead to unintended results. “Overdoing it, especially with fillers to emulate prominent cheeks, can create an unreal appearance, suitable maybe for social media, but perhaps not everyday life.”

While Botox effects aren’t everlasting, they can linger up to six months. Dr Eranki stresses the role of clinics in guiding patients, “Good clinics must prioritize the client’s overall well-being over fleeting trends. If someone’s expectations lean towards an overly artificial look, it’s the clinic’s responsibility to counsel them towards a balanced approach.”

His advice to those considering cosmetic procedures? “Choose your clinic wisely. Reputation and clinician expertise are paramount. At Cosmetique, we prioritize patient safety. Our consultation process is thorough, ensuring that treatments are tailored to each individual. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to guide you,” said Dr Eranki.

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