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Men’s Health Week 2023: Industry Commentary

It’s Men’s Health Week and we asked some Australian Tech Industry leaders for their advice. The 2023 theme is Healthy habits.

Alex Frolov, CEO & Co-Founder, HypeAuditor

Looking after my health is very important to me and I take a holistic approach whereby I proactively ensure I stay as healthy as possible physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Having worked in the technology space for close to 15 years now and being the CEO and Co-Founder of HypeAuditor for 5 years, I sometimes face some challenges and stressful times but I’m able to
overcome them quite quickly.

Alex Frolov CEO & Co-Founder HypeAuditor
Alex Frolov.

I look after my diet by not skipping meals. No matter how busy I am, I always make time to sit down, away from my desk, and fuel my body with nutritious meals. It also forces me to break up my days so I’m not in work mode 24/7. I stay active physically by working out every morning and going to my martial arts training sessions in the afternoon. They’re a great way for me to get in the zone and disconnect from work.

Spending quality time with my partner in the evening is also a big part of staying emotionally healthy and connected. People often underestimate the importance of sleep. I not only always make sure I get 6-8 hours of sleep every night but I also put all my mobile devices away when I get home in the evening so they do not impact my sleep.

During the pandemic I started meditating and I’ve never looked back. It only takes 10 minutes every morning but it has had such a huge impact on my life. Meditation has helped me cope with stress a lot better and I also have much better focus throughout the day.

Noel Allnutt, Managing Director, Sekuro

Noel Allnutt Managing Director Sekuro
Noel Allnutt.

According to a survey conducted by Sekuro, the vast majority of cyber security professionals (91%) reported experiencing mental health challenges and it’s not surprising. Cyber security professionals around the world face unique pressures to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The industry is under intense scrutiny with the proliferation of high-profile breaches making headlines as business
leaders watch and experience the reputational and financial threats posed by cybercrime.

Taking care of my mental health is just as important to me as my physical health. Both require discipline, commitment, and grit. One of the main healthy habits I’ve developed over the years to take care of my mental health is reading. Today I am an avid reader and can easily go through 30 books per year. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, I always make time to read whenever I need to disconnect. I read everything from novels, fiction, thriller, autobiographies, crime books, self-help books etc as it
helps me to find a sense of calm away from the day to day pressures of the role and
provides me with a healthy escape.

Stuart Low, Founder & CEO, Biza

Stuart Low Founder & CEO Biza
Stuart Low.

As the founder of the organisation that is at the forefront of the Australian Consumer Data Right, it can be very challenging to juggle so many balls in the air. On top of running a company, I also need to stay on top of the evolving obligations set by the Australian government to effectively and securely lead Australian organisations on their journeys to change the way they hold and share consumer

My mental health is so important to me because if I’m not intentional in turning off the noise in my head, I could find myself stuck in work mode 24/7. My love for scuba diving is what gets me through and keeps me calm. It helps me reset and engage fully in the surrounding environment. When I am underwater, the fact that I cannot hear the noise of the world around me, helps me escape the hustle of everyday life,
and I can focus solely on the beauty of the underwater world.

Scuba diving helps my mental health immensely and it taught me a lot about staying calm in stressful situations.

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