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Why Bailey Nelson partnered with B dynamic Logistics

Bailey Nelson, the Australian eyewear brand, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with B dynamic Logistics to bolster its rapid expansion and facilitate the growth of its operations nationwide. The decision to join forces with B dynamic Logistics was driven by the third-party logistics provider’s ability to offer a scalable, comprehensive, and tailored solution to meet the evolving demands of Bailey Nelson’s eyewear business.

Krisnadi Ang, head of commercial projects for Bailey Nelson, expressed the brand’s vision for the future and its significant growth trajectory. “We are now an innovative eyewear brand with a firm view of our future and we are growing fast,” Ang stated. “We have celebrated ten years in business and have pivoted from industry disruptor to a highly popular mainstream brand that straddles the omni-channel environment, offering online and innovative physical concept stores.”

Bailey Nelson has achieved remarkable success since its inception when founders Nick Perry and Peter Winkle introduced fashionable glasses frames at the Bondi Market 11 years ago. With their prior experience at The Iconic, Booz and Company and McKinsey, the duo recognized the potential for disruption in the retail eyewear market. Today, Bailey Nelson boasts over 100 stores across multiple countries, employing more than 900 staff and generating an annual turnover of approximately $100 million.

The company’s revenue has witnessed a 28 per cent year-on-year growth compared to the previous fiscal year. Additionally, Bailey Nelson has doubled its store presence in Canada, reaching a total of 35 stores, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated 50 per cent of the global population is projected to experience myopia by 2030. The prevalence of myopia has escalated rapidly, with children as young as two being diagnosed due to increased screen usage.

The complexity and demands of moving inventory across the country and the globe, both to stores and customers, prompted Bailey Nelson to seek a third-party logistics provider with the necessary skills, capabilities, and technical prowess. Krisnadi Ang emphasized B dynamic Logistics’ ability to deliver customized solutions, ensuring timely and reliable product distribution — a critical factor for Bailey Nelson’s expanding business.

Mal Siriwardhane, from B dynamic Logistics, expressed his delight at partnering with Bailey Nelson. “Bailey Nelson is a wonderful brand with a strong professional approach to business and customer service, and we are very excited to be partnering with them to support their business and underpin their growth,” Siriwardhane stated. B dynamic Logistics has made substantial investments in developing an industry-leading technology platform, enabling them to provide the most reliable, transparent, and customer-focused third-party logistics services globally.

B dynamic Logistics recently secured the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award, which honors Australia’s top-ranking fastest-growing tech companies. The award considers both technology and revenue growth, requiring a minimum, three-year cumulative growth of $8 million. Furthermore, the company received the Industry Excellence award at the prestigious Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards.

B dynamic Logistics, Australia’s leading logistics and ecommerce provider, offers a range of third-party logistics services, including ecommerce enablement, fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics solutions. The company collaborates with nationally recognized brands such as Costco, Dettol, Qantas, Dymocks, DoorDash, and Gillette, designing flexible logistics solutions tailored to each business’s specific needs to ensure prompt and cost-effective product delivery to customers.

Siriwardhane highlighted B dynamic Logistics’ commitment to customer service and its vision to become the leader in ecommerce logistics saying that, ‘The company’s growth mindset enables it to swiftly adapt to changes and offer flexibility and innovation to solve complex business challenges. Backed by groundbreaking technology, B dynamic Logistics prides itself on its service-oriented team, continuously striving to enhance service offerings for clients.’

B dynamic Logistics also said that it sets an industry benchmark by fostering gender diversity within its workforce. Siriwardhane revealed that the company has achieved a 50 per cent representation of women in a wide range of roles, including leadership and executive positions. The global industry average of only two per cent.

The partnership between Bailey Nelson and B dynamic Logistics signifies a significant milestone for both companies. With B dynamic Logistics’ expertise and technology, Bailey Nelson can confidently pursue its growth plans while maintaining service standards. As the eyewear brand continues to expand its presence globally, this collaboration will contribute to its sustained success in the competitive eyewear market.

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