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Uber for laundry

Bill Cobanoglu was one of Jim’s Group’s first franchisors when it unveiled Jim’s Laundry Services in 2021. This new venture aimed to alleviate some of the domestic burdens families encountered during the prolonged lockdowns.

“Given the heightened stress of the pandemic, especially in places like Victoria, households were on the hunt for ways to lessen their chores,” Cobanoglu explained. “Our service, picking up laundry in the morning and delivering it back either the same day or the next, just clicked with the current sentiment.”

Positioning itself as an “uber-style” laundry solution, Jim’s Laundry Services gained rapid traction. Clients can simply schedule a pick-up, hand over their laundry, and receive clean, folded clothes by the following day.

According to Cobanoglu, interest in the franchise soared quickly. “The model is uncomplicated. Potential franchisees need a washing machine, dryer, and a vehicle,” he mentioned. Presently, Jim’s Laundry Services boasts over 80 franchisees, projecting to touch the 100-mark by year-end.

“Given the straightforward nature of the job and the ability to manage it around personal schedules, it’s easy to understand the appeal,” Cobanoglu said. The division offers its services to a broad clientele, including sports teams, hospitality venues, care services, and even takes care of ironing.

Jim Penman, Founder and CEO of Jim’s Group, shared insights on the growth trajectory. “Jim’s Laundry is marking rapid expansion, akin to the growth we observed with Jim’s Mowing in 1989. Besides public reception, the flexibility it provides, especially to women juggling work and family commitments, makes it a hit. Similar trends were noted in our other ventures like Jim’s Cleaning and Jim’s Dog Wash.”

2023 marks a banner year for the larger Jim’s Group, with Cobanoglu clinching the “Franchisor of the Year” award. The group, apart from hosting its inaugural Family and Trade Day for the general public, celebrated a significant milestone of acquiring 5,000 franchisees. For more details, visit Jim’s Group.

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