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Tricentis launches mobile testing platform

Tricentis, a global leader in enterprise continuous testing, has announced the launch of Testim Mobile, a platform aimed at enhancing mobile testing capabilities for agile teams. The new mobile testing features enable smoother connectivity and a better mobile testing experience through codeless solutions for iOS and Android, native and web apps.

Suhail Ansari, Chief Technology Officer at Tricentis, explains that as mobile use reaches all-time highs, organisations must be ready to deliver high-quality mobile applications or risk being left behind. “Ever-changing consumer expectations require organisations to frequently evolve their mobile applications, risking challenges due to a variety of operating systems, unstable network connections, geo-location capabilities, and more. As more mobile-first companies enter the market, organisations must ensure high performance, functionality, and usability for their apps to be successful,” he said.

With 6.92 billion smartphone users in the world today, and mobile devices generating nearly 50% of global website traffic, organisations are expected to keep up with these demands. Tricentis Testim provides AI-based SaaS solution for UI testing for web applications, with the new Testim Mobile providing support for native iOS and Android application testing.

Testim Mobile aims to enable agile teams to quickly evaluate quality, debug failures and use feedback to innovate on their applications through a continuous build and release cycle. The platform includes codeless authoring, simple device management, Windows iOS testing, mobile apps in the cloud, flexible execution options and web and mobile features.

One of the major advantages of the new platform is codeless authoring, which enables mobile tests to be authored with real physical devices or emulators/simulators, eliminating the need to write and maintain Appium, Espresso or XCUITest scripts. This saves hours and avoids the delays that are often associated with traditional testing solutions.

Users can also set up, configure and manage mobile devices in minutes using the Tricentis Mobile Agent, a centralized mobile service that manages local, remote and cloud-based devices’ connectivity. The Tricentis Mobile Agent allows iOS devices to be connected and uploaded to the agent even when running on Windows laptops.

Testim Mobile can be used to upload mobile apps into the cloud and then enable access by other team members for authoring on virtual devices (emulators/simulators). Agile teams can run tests on real or virtual devices, or run tests in parallel on third-party device clouds.

Users can also leverage built-in validations, parameterisation and shareable groups and steps. Customisation with JavaScript, branch tests, scheduling tests or CI build and insightful reporting and TestOps dashboards are all supported.

To learn more about the latest Testim Mobile, users can register for the webinar scheduled for March 2, 2023.

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