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Thinxtra launches Massive IoT partner program

Thinxtra, a Massive Internet of Things (M-IoT) company, has launched its inaugural partner program to capitalise on the rapidly growing IoT market in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau. Thinxtra aims to expand its existing partner ecosystem with a recruitment drive, targeting IT companies and non-technology organisations in various industries.

Thinxtra connects physical assets to the digital world with its IoT solutions, which include connectivity, battery-powered tracking devices and sensors, and data analytics software. It operates the only public 0G Network dedicated to the IoT in the aforementioned regions, which transmits over two billion messages each month.

The two-tier partner program offers joint strategic business planning, training and enablement workshops, demand generation, sales tools and ongoing pre- and post-sales support to Thinxtra partners. This is aimed at helping them identify and convert IoT opportunities and ultimately boost their competitiveness.

“IDC analysts forecast the Asia-Pacific IoT market to reach $US436 billion in 2026,” said Nicholas Lambrou, CEO at Thinxtra. “Massive IoT is rapidly maturing within the IoT umbrella, with organisations looking to make their assets smarter, create safer and healthier environments, operate sustainably, and leverage real-time data analytics to inform decision making at scale.”

Lambrou added, “The partners we are targeting are those looking to create a competitive advantage, and Massive IoT fills that gap with a solution that is cost effective so they don’t need to give customers an over-priced proposal with excessive infrastructure set-up and power bills. It also allows them to advise their customers on innovative ways to operate regardless of their industry.”

Thinxtra’s customers include Coles, CouriersPlease, CORT Community Housing, AGP, and PB Traffic, among others. Long-term partners include Optus, Loscam, Konvoy, Programmed, Zeplin, LBS, IoTree and Tether.

The launch of the partner program follows the completion of Thinxtra’s executive leadership program, which includes CEO Nicholas Lambrou, COO and co-founder Sam Sharief, CFO Luke Austin, Sales Director Roger Smith, and Marketing Director Carineh Grigorian. Thinxtra will also introduce a distribution channel in the near future.

“The rise of Massive IoT is similar to that of cloud computing. Despite a slow start, it has reached an inflection point with a limitless upwards trajectory. Amid this growth, amplified by the maturing of Industry 4.0, Thinxtra’s channel strategy is designed to drive the continued diversification of existing channels and foster new business models,” said Lambrou.

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