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SAS and The Kids’ Cancer Project Boost Research

SAS, a leader in data and AI, and The Kids’ Cancer Project, an independent Australian charity focused on childhood cancer research, have announced a three-year extension of their partnership. This renewal highlights the organisations’ ongoing commitment to improving survival rates for children with cancer through advanced analytics and innovative research funding.

The collaboration, which began in 2018, has significantly enhanced The Kids’ Cancer Project’s data management, operational efficiency, and donor engagement. Since then, the charity has seen an 83 per cent increase in regular giving donations, growing from just under $1.2 million in 2019 to over $2.2 million in 2023. This strategic use of real-time data has also expanded the regular donor network by 30 per cent annually, allowing for a 15 per cent increase in research investments in the past financial year.

“It is a true partnership with SAS in every sense of the word – they have not only provided us with intelligent software but have also enthused our team, helping us achieve a data and analytics culture that’s resulted in a more strategic mindset,” said Owen Finegan, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

The partnership has led to key operational improvements, such as automating financial data processes, which reduced reporting times from several days to a few hours. The team continuously enhances their data analytics skills through access to SAS’ experts and e-learning resources, fostering a culture of swift and informed decision-making.

The next phase of the partnership aims to deepen productivity outcomes and explore new frontiers. Focus areas include advancing data-driven decision-making, expanding digital engagement with donors, and leveraging automation for consistent communication. The team is working on establishing a comprehensive 360-degree view of donors through social media and other digital platforms, making engagements more targeted and personalised.

Looking ahead, the team plans to use predictive modelling via SAS technology to forecast future donation patterns and prioritise outreach efforts. Finegan commented, “As we embark on the next chapter of our journey with SAS, I’m reminded daily of the incredible strides we’ve made together. When The Kids’ Cancer Project began 30 years ago, survival rates were at 50 per cent and we’re currently at 86 per cent.

“Our collaboration with SAS has revolutionised our approach to fundraising, enabling us to direct more resources into essential research and treatment. It’s this synergy that reaffirms our shared vision of achieving a future where no child has to face cancer. We’re looking forward to the advancements this renewed partnership will bring, aiming to directly impact over 1,000 children and their families annually.”

Craig Jennings, Vice President & Managing Director of SAS Australia and New Zealand, said, “Witnessing the impact of our technology on the donor management process and the progression of childhood cancer research and trials first-hand has been inspiring.

“Our goal for the next three years is to continue leveraging our analytics expertise to explore innovative ways to further expedite the journey towards eradicating childhood cancer. At SAS, we are proud to partner with organisations like The Kids’ Cancer Project, applying data in ways that make a positive social impact and drive innovation. Our Data for Good program is dedicated to highly meaningful partnerships around the world, focused on using data and analytics to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education, and the environment,” added Jennings.

In 2023, The Kids’ Cancer Project funded 46 research projects across Australia, supporting over 76 scientists and growing its overall research efforts year on year. As part of the charity’s 30th Anniversary celebrations, The Kids’ Cancer Project has committed over $7.4 million into future-proofing childhood cancer research by encouraging new researchers and retaining talented scientists. This investment aims to ensure every child with cancer survives to live a long and healthy life free from any side effects.

For more information, visit The Kids’ Cancer Project and SAS.

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