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Rimini Street launches Rimini Connect

Rimini Street, a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner, has launched Rimini Connect, a new suite of integration and interoperability solutions that allows for easy resolution of continuously changing integration and interoperability requirements.

Rimini Street provides integration and interoperability solutions for its clients’ enterprise software applications, browsers, infrastructure and email. Three initial solutions are now being brought together and made available in the new Rimini Connect suite of integration and interoperability solutions. The Rimini Connect launch follows the recent introduction of the Rimini Protect suite of security solutions.

Connecting a Growing Landscape of Complex Software

Organisations have a growing landscape of complex, mission-critical applications that range in age, technologies, platforms and are highly customised. Making matters more challenging, technology components such as hardware, operating systems, browsers, and back-office application data connections change frequently.

When a change in a technology stack component causes an issue with an application, the software application vendor’s typical response is to either do nothing, provide a code update, require an upgrade to a new release, or sometimes even require a complete migration to a different product to address these integration and interoperability challenges.

Furthermore, setting aside the significant costs, labour, and time it could take to make such application changes, there is a significant risk that such changes could create interconnection issues to other applications and system issues that ultimately lead to operating disruptions for users. This situation is even more complex when organisations have customised applications in their landscape.

A Need for Rimini Connect Solutions

Rimini Street began developing solutions in partnership with its clients to insulate applications from environmental changes using technology that acts as a “universal translator” between otherwise incompatible technologies and code.

The response received from early solution adopters was very positive because they were provided with advanced technology that enabled them to easily and continuously re-configure their IT environments. They also benefited from smooth integrations and interoperability without having to apply changes to application or database code.

Rimini Connect Solutions Are Proven and Save Money

Over the past 17 years, Rimini Street has successfully resolved thousands of compatibility issues for clients. The Company’s more than 800 engineers worldwide have thousands of years of combined experience resolving integration and interoperability challenges between software products in complex environments, and also has an Advanced Technology team specifically dedicated to resolving the most complex of these continuously evolving challenges.

With Rimini Connect solutions, there is no longer any need to have an application software roadmap limited by a software vendor’s application and release compatibility matrix that may require costly, risky, and time-consuming application code updates, or release upgrades or migrations.

Rimini Connect solutions generally available to all organisations globally. The first three Rimini Connect solutions are:

Clients, “Achieve fast and durable results”

“Many of our clients are running these Rimini Connect solutions successfully in production and will save millions of dollars, extensive labour, and significant time avoiding the need for software vendor code updates, application updates or migrations just to maintain integrations and interoperability,” noted Desmond Whitt, vice president, Advanced Technology Services, Rimini Street, Inc.

Officeworks, a large every-channel retailer in Australia, was able to avoid an expensive, business-disruptive, and complex SAP software upgrade, thanks to Rimini Connect for Browsers.

“In the long run, Rimini Connect has allowed us to prioritise our technology investments to drive an easy and engaging customer experience,” noted Michael Howard, chief operating officer, Officeworks.  “This project really was a collaborative experience with the Rimini Street team; when any implementation issues occurred due to our unique environment, they proactively helped us look for a solution and to troubleshoot. For us, it was about making the transition as seamless as possible without any interruption to business, and Rimini Street helped us achieve that.”

MilliporeSigma, a services provider for the pharmaceutical industry providing state-of-the-art tools, services, and expertise to perform experiments and engineer new products under strict federal regulations, implemented Rimini Connect for Email to meet its needs.

“Email compatibility for us is very critical. The Rimini Connect implementation was flawless. There was no system downtime. Our end users didn’t know that anything happened,” noted Karen McAfee, IT-AMD senior business analyst, MilliporeSigma. “Rimini Street has been a game changer for me and is giving me the peace of mind knowing I have someone good and reliable to go to for help supporting our system.”

Rimini Connect for Browsers

Rimini Connect for Browsers supports one or more browsers that are incompatible with the HTML messaging being sent by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications. Most organisations today have multiple desktop and mobile clients, sometimes with multiple versions operating at the same time. Rimini Connect for Browsers resolves these challenges:

  • Helps “future-proof” the compatibility of current and future applications and releases

  • Extends the lifespan of existing enterprise applications and minimises change for users with a variety of current and future browsers and versions  

  • Does not require server portal and browsers to be changed 

  • Does not require updates, upgrades, or migrations to application code

  • Does not require application regression testing  

Rimini Connect for OS

Rimini Connect for OS supports new versions of the operating system that may be uncertified or incompatible with the ERP applications. To meet evolving security and compliance standards, most organisations do not realise they have alternatives to updating and upgrading these operating systems. Typically, an application upgrade is also required to support these newer operating system releases. Rimini Connect for OS resolves these challenges:

  • Helps “future-proof” the compatibility of current and future applications releases with a variety of current and future operating systems releases

  • Extends the lifespan of existing enterprise applications and minimises change for users

  • Manages enterprise application and operating system roadmaps independently

  • Enables option to upgrade operating systems

  • Does not require application regression testing 

Rimini Connect for Email 

Rimini Connect for Email supports new authentication and email protocols for seamless integration. Modern applications use email to drive workflow, but frequently use older methods to connect to these evolving email services. This solution allows the adoption of these new standards without any change to application code. Rimini Connect for Email solves these challenges:

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