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Orro scores $150m from Macquarie

Orro, a platform-enabled secure network and digital infrastructure provider, has received $150 million in funding from Macquarie Capital to support its growth and innovation initiatives. The funding package includes a combination of debt and a small equity stake in the company, allowing Orro’s private equity partner, Liverpool Partners, to maintain ownership of the business.

According to Rodd Cunico, Orro’s CEO, “The support of Macquarie Capital alongside Liverpool Partners signifies our value as a business, celebrates our successes, and allows us to continue on our strategic path. It’s an exciting time as we look forward to accelerating our growth plans.”

Orro has quickly become an industry leader in secure IT network services, providing customers around Australia with innovative and effective solutions. Since its launch in 2021, the company has acquired eSecure and RIOT Solutions, combining six IT companies delivering cyber security services, as well as new generation secure network and digital infrastructure solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Orro’s technologies deliver greater efficiency, performance, agility, and resilience, and the company has over 500 customers, including Australia Post, Qantas, Flight Centre, and QBE.

With this additional funding, Orro plans to build on its existing capabilities and secure additional acquisitions to broaden the company’s offering, according to Mr. Cunico. “We will continue to build on the capacity of the group, strengthening existing capabilities and securing additional acquisitions to broaden the company’s offering,” he said.

The funding from Macquarie Capital will enable Orro to continue to execute its growth strategy, providing the company with the necessary resources to expand and innovate further.

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