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Optus launches Optus Boost, which isn’t Boost Mobile (on Telstra), but does aim to boost mobile

Optus has launched a new service that aims to cater to the growing demand for high-speed internet and mobile data among Australians. The service, called Optus Internet Boost and Mobile Boost, will allow customers to customise their internet speed or mobile data connection based on their needs and budget. The fact there’s a well-known Telstra MVNO called Boost is certainly not going to make any potentioal customers confused.

According to a recent survey, more than half of Australians value high-speed internet over having a clean house, and almost two-thirds prioritise it over doing their weekly laundry. These results highlight the growing importance of connectivity in today’s society, where people rely heavily on the internet and mobile data for work, entertainment, and communication.

Matt Williams, Optus Managing Director Marketing and Revenue, said that the new Boost products are innovations that give Aussies customised on-demand options that suit their lifestyle and budget. “With a third of Aussies using their mobile and internet data for streaming movies, Optus Boost products are giving customers more control over their experience in the moments that matter,” he added.

The Optus Internet Boost service will enable eligible customers to maximise their nbn internet speed for 24 hours by paying $5. Customers can access the Boost by heading to the Speed tab of the My Optus app and clicking “Boost for 24 hours” to get the maximum speed available on their home nbn at their premises.

Meanwhile, Optus is offering five free one-hour Mobile Boosts per month to eligible customers, giving them the power to prioritise their mobile data connection when they need it most. This feature is especially useful for customers who use their mobile data for streaming movies or online gaming.

The Boost products are part of Optus’ commitment to delivering the best possible nbn and mobile experience for its customers. They are also part of the Optus Living Network, a collection of on-demand innovative network features designed to empower Optus customers to transform their daily connected experience simply within the My Optus App, all powered by Optus’ world-class network.

The Optus Living Network includes features such as Network Pulse, Unlimited Data Day, Donate Your Data, Donate Your Device, Call Translate, Optus Pause, WiFi Secure, Game Path, Sidekick, Call Notes, and Optus Eco, with more features to come.

Optus customers can access the Boost products via the My Optus app, which is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. With these new services, Optus aims to provide Australians with the connectivity they need to live their lives to the fullest, whether they’re working from home, streaming their favourite shows, or playing online games.

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