Nikon Z f

New retro Nikon Z f camera launched

Nikon Australia releases the Z f, an innovative mirrorless camera fusing iconic aesthetics with high-functionality. The Z f, belonging to Nikon’s acclaimed Z series, is a conduit for creative expression, inviting creators to explore and express with cutting-edge technology at their fingertips.

Heritage Meets Performance

The Z f’s design draws inspiration from a beloved Nikon film camera, balancing classic aesthetics with unmatched performance. Featuring a full-frame sensor and the advanced EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, shared with the top-tier Nikon Z 9, the Z f promises stellar still image and video capturing capabilities.

John Young, General Manager of International Marketing at Nikon Australia, commented, “The Z f is a creative tool, allowing for the unfolding of new, imaginative experiences. It introduces a monochrome selector, a Vari-angle screen, and incorporates focus point VR, making it a pivotal release in Nikon’s line-up.”

Unique Features for Expressive Photography

Designed for individualistic expression, the Z f introduces a dedicated monochrome selector. This feature allows photographers to effortlessly switch to Black and White mode, crafting images with consideration to light and shadow nuances. The Flat Monochrome and Deep Tone Monochrome settings offer additional options for creating captivating monochromatic photos and videos.

Photographers can also utilize Picture Control and Creative Picture Control functions for both videos and still images. These functions allow for color manipulation, letting creators convey the mood, temperature, and atmosphere of the captured moments. The new Rich Tone Portrait setting is a valuable addition for wedding and portrait photographers, providing rich tones while preserving the subject’s skin details.

Expanded Video and Still Capturing Capabilities

The Z f supports enhanced video performance, facilitating the authentic capture of delicate details in subjects like landscapes, architecture, and portraits. With H.265 10-bit in-camera recording and support for N-Log/HLG recording, users can produce beautiful and precise stills and videos with minimal gear, sans external recorder. Furthermore, the Z f supports up to 125 minutes of 4K UHD/60p video recording.

The camera’s Video S mode offers control over auto exposure with a fixed shutter speed, invaluable when shooting in varying outdoor light conditions.

Introducing Pixel-Shift Shooting

With the introduction of pixel-shift shooting, users can capture high-definition images of detailed subjects. The Z f allows shooting multiple NEF (RAW) files with shifting image sensor positions, facilitated by in-camera VR. The resulting images, merged through NX Studio, boast increased resolution, improved color reproduction, and reduced moiré, false color, and noise.

Advanced Functionality with Superior Optical Performance

The Z f boasts superior AF performance, supporting a wide range of shooting scenarios. With improved tracking capabilities, moving subjects like pets and vehicles are detected and tracked efficiently. Users can focus on framing without adjusting settings constantly, as the AF can detect human faces approximately 3% in size, facilitating easy focusing in low-light situations down to -10 EV.

Enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) Performance

The camera features in-built Vibration Reduction (VR) of 8.0 stops, extending the range of handheld shooting possibilities. For the first time, focus point VR has been integrated, reducing blur near the image’s focus point even for peripheral subjects. This feature supports casual, handheld shooting in various lighting and compositional conditions.

Sophisticated Design Meets User-Friendly Operation

The Z f embodies meticulous design with its sleek, black finish on a magnesium body, providing a comfortable grip even with FX lenses. Users can select from six premium embossed leather exterior colors, including Indigo Blue, Sepia Brown, Bordeaux Red, Sunset Orange, Moss Green, and Stone Gray, allowing for a personalized aesthetic touch.


For further information on the Nikon Z f, visit Nikon Australia’s official website.

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