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Nanoleaf launches first-ever Matter-compatible smart lights

Nanoleaf, the smart-lighting company, has announced the launch of two new smart lights – an A60 Bulb and a Lightstrip. These products mark the industry’s first-ever Matter-compatible smart lights. With these latest additions to its Nanoleaf Essentials line, the company aims to provide users with seamless setup, intuitive controls, and personalized automation, all while delivering crisp white lighting and a vast range of RGB colors to create a perfect ambiance.

The newly introduced Matter-certified Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips are designed to illuminate your entire home effortlessly. These smart lights offer simplified setup, seamless controls, and personalized automation that seamlessly work across platforms and multiple devices. With Matter compatibility, users are no longer confined to specific platforms or have to worry about device compatibility. All Matter-certified devices, regardless of brand or manufacturer, can now work harmoniously together, providing the most unified smart home experience yet.

One of the key advantages of Nanoleaf’s Essentials Matter line is its utilization of Thread technology, which ensures lightning-fast speeds and robust reliability for your smart home. Leveraging a mesh network, these lights provide a consistent and dependable connection. Transform your living room, office space, bedroom, kitchen, and entertainment areas with a full range of white lighting options, including color temperatures from 2700-6500K and up to 2200 lumens, as well as over 16 million vibrant colors. You can easily control and adjust your lights using your preferred smart home app, such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings.

To offer users more detailed customization options, Nanoleaf provides its own dedicated app. With the Nanoleaf App, users can access a variety of features, including playing Scenes like “Be Productive” to enhance productivity during work hours or “Starlight” to create a relaxing atmosphere in the evenings. Furthermore, users can activate Circadian Lighting, which automatically adjusts the color temperature of the lights throughout the day, removing blue light as evening approaches to facilitate a more restful sleep and regulate the body’s natural rhythm.

Nanoleaf CEO and Co-Founder, Gimmy Chu, expressed his excitement about the launch of their first Matter products and the privilege of being the first company to offer Matter over Thread smart lighting to users. Chu emphasized Nanoleaf’s commitment to creating a seamless and intelligent smart home experience that simplifies everyday life, and he believes that Matter technology represents a significant step towards achieving that goal.

In addition to the newly launched products, Nanoleaf also plans to release an OTA update later this year for its existing modular light panels and light bars, including Shapes, Elements, Canvas, and Lines, making them Matter-compatible as well.

The Essentials Matter-compatible A60 Smart Bulbs and Lightstrip, including the 2M Starter Kit and 1M Expansion Pack, are now available for purchase globally on starting from June 1st. The Essentials Matter-compatible range will also be stocked by retailers in the region in the near future.

Pricing for the Nanoleaf Essentials Matter products will range from $40 to $55. Nanoleaf also plans to introduce additional bulbs in the Essentials Matter line, such as the BR30, GU10, and a Recessed Downlight, later in 2023.

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