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Monash University launches digital keys

Monash University has launched the M-Pass, a mobile digital identification system for its students and staff. The new system, available on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones, eliminates the need for physical ID cards, creating a more efficient and environmentally-friendly process.

The digital M-Pass, stored in either Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, allows students and staff to access buildings and facilities across Monash’s Victorian campuses with a simple tap of their device. This includes popular hubs such as the library, gym, shuttle bus services, and printing and photocopying services.

“Monash University prides itself on the early adoption and development of new user-convenient technologies,” said Peter Marshall, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President at Monash University. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of a modern, more efficient way for students and staff to engage with our campus facilities and services.”

The M-Pass also provides a more secure and private experience for users. iPhone and Apple Watch users who add their M-Pass to Apple Wallet can access locations with just a tap without having to unlock or wake up their device.

Monash University worked with Transact Campus Inc. and HID Global, industry leaders in campus credentials and mobile access, to bring the NFC-enabled digital M-Pass to its students and staff.

“Our students and staff are hungry for this type of technology which offers greater flexibility, a more secure experience, and aligns to our aspirations to be net zero by reducing plastic waste,” said Josh Teichman, Director, Digital and Monash Connect at Monash University.

With the launch of the M-Pass, Monash University becomes the first university in Australia to use mobile credentials for building access, facilities, and identification.

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