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LogRhythm partners with Zscaler to improve SOC cloud access security

LogRhythm, the company specialising in empowering security teams to handle the ever-changing threat landscape, has announced a partnership with cloud security provider Zscaler to address cloud access security challenges faced by modern Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

The partnership with Zscaler will aid organisations globally in increasing network insight and combating cloud access security challenges by combining LogRhythm’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform, which will provide unparalleled visibility and security to facilitate a modern Zero Trust architecture.

Zscaler secures all user, workload, and device communications over any network, anywhere. The integration with LogRhythm provides visibility into everything occurring in an organisation’s network, the websites and cloud-based resources that employees are using. This level of visibility is crucial to protecting organisations. With a Zero Trust approach in many organisations’ minds, it’s essential to have the right tools to defend against cyber threats.

The LogRhythm SmartResponse for Zscaler Internet Access enables remediation actions from the LogRhythm console. As logs are ingested from Zscaler’s Nanolog Streaming Service into the LogRhythm SIEM platform, the LogRhythm SmartResponse can also automatically denylist the URL in Zscaler when a banned keyword or URL is detected.

“Securing an organisation’s systems and networks begins with high-fidelity and trustworthy log data. LogRhythm’s expertise in turning log data into actionable insights delivered through dashboards and analytics is unrivalled in the industry,” said Andrew Hollister, Chief Information Security Officer at LogRhythm.

“The combined benefits of LogRhythm SmartResponse and Zscaler Internet Access facilitate modern Zero Trust architecture that is the security backbone of companies across the globe.”

The LogRhythm SmartResponse for Zscaler performs several actions, including denylisting a URL, getting policy information, and adding a URL category. It simplifies running actions between the SIEM and Zscaler by centralising day-to-day security tasks to a single console.

Other benefits of the integration include simplified ingestion and contextualisation of Zscaler log data, accelerated detection of unwanted or denylisted URLs, use of a single console to investigate and block suspicious website access, and faster response with enhanced investigative capabilities.

“Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange reduces the attack surface and enforces cybersecurity policies, and this new integration with LogRhythm can help security teams with richer insights,” said Amit Raikar, VP of Technology Partnerships at Zscaler.

“This new announcement continues LogRhythm’s impressive momentum from 2022 into this year. In addition to announcing a series of expanded capabilities and integrations for its security operations solutions, which included updates to the company’s cloud-native LogRhythm Axon platform, LogRhythm also announced its integration with SentinelOne. The integration streamlines security operations and improves response workflow, helping overwhelmed security teams cut through the noise and gain precise insights into cybersecurity threats.”

Learn more about LogRhythm’s partnerships, here.

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