LG Miraclass launches

LG launches new cinema screen technology

LG Electronics has announced the launch of its latest LED screen brand for cinemas, LG Miraclass. This new line of LED screens promises realistic images with natural colours and deep blacks to offer moviegoers an immersive viewing experience. The Miraclass series has four product lineups offering different sizes and screen resolutions for theater operators.

The screens deliver 24-bit colour processing and contrast to give on-screen images depth and vibrancy, and display 68.7 billion colours. LG Miraclass also provides easy management for movie theatre operators, eliminating the need for projection rooms, and can adjust brightness levels for various usage scenarios.

Paik Ki-mun, Senior Vice President and Head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, said, “LG is confident that LG Miraclass will satisfy the needs of operators and meet the expectations of moviegoers seeking memorable cinematic experiences. To accommodate rising demand and the diverse requirements of movie theatre companies, more lineups and models will be introduced in the future.”

LG LED displays can be found in several major theatre chains worldwide, with new installations on the way throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Availability for Australia is yet to be determined. The LG Miraclass has already been installed in Odeon Multicines theatre in Vilanova, Spain, with more displays arriving soon in Odeon Multicines theatres in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

For more information on LG Miraclass, see here.

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