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Lenovo Unveils Next-Gen Ai Solutions and Advanced Liquid Cooling

Lenovo has launched a suite of new enterprise Ai solutions and advanced liquid cooling technologies aimed at enhancing Ai deployment across various industries. The latest offerings include the 6th generation Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling system and a range of Ai solutions powered by Nvidia, designed to facilitate large-scale Ai implementation.

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Comprehensive AI Solutions

Lenovo’s new Ai solutions are intended to help businesses develop and deploy Ai through turnkey services and business-ready vertical solutions. The company aims to address diverse Ai applications with services from the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, validated Ai Innovator solutions and the latest generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling.

Sumir Bhatia, President of AP, Lenovo ISG, expressed enthusiasm about the new offerings. “We are thrilled to launch comprehensive enterprise Ai solutions and services. In partnership with Nvidia and our Ai Innovators, Lenovo is making Ai accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes,” Bhatia said. “AI is not just a technology to be implemented; businesses need advanced technologies, tailored services, and energy-efficient infrastructure for effective deployment.”

Strategic Partnership with Nvidia

Lenovo’s collaboration with Nvidia includes new services and solutions to accelerate Ai adoption. Kumar Mitra, Managing Director and Regional General Manager, CAP & ANZ, Lenovo ISG, highlighted the importance of this partnership. “Lenovo’s new end-to-end Ai solutions present a cornerstone in delivering generative AI solutions to ANZ businesses. We aim to support and accelerate AI ambitions across every industry with our comprehensive ecosystem of services, solutions, and partners,” Mitra stated.

Research Insights

Joint research with IDC and Nvidia, commissioned by Lenovo, reveals that generative Ai is a top tech investment priority for 2024 among IT and business decision-makers globally. This expansion aligns with Lenovo’s US$1 billion investment over three years to accelerate generative Ai deployment.

Ai Implementation Services

Lenovo’s Ai Services Center of Excellence (COE) offers a structured approach to AI implementation. The COE combines business advisors, data scientists, and infrastructure to maximize outcomes. Lenovo AI Discover guides businesses through initial AI steps, while new services and Nvidia offerings support further progress.

The new Ai Advisory Services build on a company’s Ai readiness and ideation to define desired outcomes and create an Ai roadmap. AI Fast Start for Nvidia NIMS and Ai Fast Start for Ai Innovators are designed to quickly scale Ai using Nvidia-based solutions, helping companies build live solution demos and get started immediately.

Ai-Powered Solutions

Lenovo’s portfolio includes over 165 Ai Innovator Solutions tailored for sectors such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and smart cities. These solutions leverage data to enhance productivity, quality, and innovation.

Lenovo, Nvidia, and DeepBrain have introduced an Ai-powered customer service kiosk, while Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SR650 servers with Nvidia GPUs offer automated solutions to enhance air travel safety. In manufacturing, Lenovo and Nvidia collaborate with Graymatics to provide video-based analytics for workplace safety and efficiency.

Advanced Liquid Cooling

The 6th generation Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling system introduces innovations for energy-efficient Ai-ready computing. Lenovo Neptune has been pioneering liquid cooling technology, reducing power consumption compared to air-cooled systems. The new designs support multi-node, enterprise, HPC, and Ai-optimized servers.

Key features include on-memory cooling for ThinkSystem platforms, a new GPU cold plate design for high-power accelerators, and an enhanced cooling fan and flow design. Lenovo’s partnership with Digital Realty extends Neptune cooling technology to more than half of its data centers globally, addressing high-density workloads.

Enhanced Ai Development Tools

Lenovo’s Ai PC portfolio includes NPU-enabled ThinkPad devices and Dynamo AI for AI Innovators. The ThinkPad T14s Gen 6, the first CoPilot+ PC with advanced AI performance, supports remote work efficiently. Lenovo’s ThinkStation PX, optimized for AI development, and the ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 with a dedicated neural processing unit offer powerful AI capabilities.

Lenovo’s latest Ai and cooling solutions are designed to support businesses in effectively leveraging Ai technologies while maintaining energy efficiency. For more details on Lenovo’s expanded Ai portfolio, visit Lenovo’s AI Solutions.

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