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Lenovo and VMware strengthen partnership with AI and Multi-Cloud

At VMware Explore 2023, Lenovo and VMware unveiled the latest innovations from their joint Edge and Cloud Innovation Labs which are aimed at delivering state-of-the-art hybrid multi-cloud capabilities to mid-sized enterprises.

Additionally, a new reference design for Generative AI was announced, featuring Nvidia-accelerated computing. Their main objective is to offer businesses a smoother trajectory towards digital transformation, equipping them with efficient solutions that expedite the deployment of cutting-edge AI and data intelligence.

Sumir Bhatia, the Asia Pacific President of Lenovo ISG, said, “Our continued collaboration with VMware aims to push the boundaries of AI, edge, and hybrid cloud technologies. With Lenovo’s latest AI and hybrid cloud innovations combined with VMware’s prowess, we foresee a future of enhanced AI and cloud intelligence for businesses across the board.”

Krish Prasad, the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group of VMware, emphasized the significance of the partnership, pointing out its potential in propelling businesses towards becoming fully digitized by leveraging essential infrastructure.

Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing at Nvidia, added that the joint efforts of Lenovo, Nvidia, and VMware would enable businesses to tap into the vast potential of generative AI through holistic computing and AI software.

With data growth at an all-time high, there is an increasing demand for omnipresent computing solutions. Companies across sectors seek IT solutions offering real-time AI insights from varied locations, ranging from data centers to the edge and cloud.

The partnership extension between Lenovo and VMware, integrating Nvidia AI tech, helps companies to capitalize on their data for predictable business outcomes. This includes accelerating the development and deployment of large language models. Lenovo’s AI-centric solutions will be pivotal in advancing AI globally, introducing generative AI tools like intelligent chatbots to users in various sectors.

To support efficient network integration, Lenovo will incorporate Nvidia’s Spectrum-X networking technology, allowing more advanced AI workload integration. Additionally, ThinkAgile VX Integrated Systems, in collaboration with VMware, are set to ease the transition to hybrid multi-cloud and edge environments for mid-market customers.

With Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud for VMware, customers can expect a flexible, future-ready model, simplifying the management of applications across different data centers and cloud providers.

The evolved alliance between Lenovo and VMware is set to broaden their market outreach, providing cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions to an extensive clientele. More details are on the official Lenovo-VMware partnership page.

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