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Le Wagon brings its EdTech to Sydney

EdTech company, Le Wagon, has announced the opening of its new campus in Sydney, Australia, starting from October 2023. Le Wagon is a provider of intensive coding and data training, operating in 45 cities worldwide. The establishment of the Sydney campus aims to address the talent crunch for coders and data analysts in the region.

The demand for skills in coding, data, and new technological tools is growing rapidly, with software and applications programmers ranking as the second-most sought-after skills in Australia, according to the National Skills Commission’s 2022 Skills Priority List. The country is facing a shortage of coding and data skills, with ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse indicating a requirement of 60,000 additional skilled ICT workers annually.

Le Wagon offers an alternative path to tech careers without the need for a traditional three-year program. The courses provided by Le Wagon France are conducted in partnership with Google, forming part of the “Digital & AI bootcamp” curriculum. These courses offer the equivalent of a technical degree in Software Engineering or Data Analytics, condensed into just nine weeks. Le Wagon Sydney will also commence teaching introductory tech courses at the University of Sydney Business School.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the expansion, Romain Paillard, co-founder of Le Wagon, stated, “We are delighted and proud of the opening of this new campus, which is a further step towards achieving our initial objective of offering comprehensive training to as many people as possible. Our aim is to enable everyone to succeed in the professions of the future. Le Wagon aims to provide individuals and companies with easy access to the skills they need, both individually and collectively, to keep pace with the profound changes taking place in our society. We look forward to working alongside our trusted partners to further enhance the technological capabilities and competitiveness of Australian startups and companies.”

Le Wagon’s programs have transformed the careers of many participants, boasting an impressive job placement rate of 93% within three months and 98% within six months. Former customer service consultant Maite Eguren Brown, who is now a software engineer at Atlassian, and ex-chocolate engineer Joseph Gulay, who transitioned into a data analyst role at Ernst & Young, are just two examples of individuals who have benefited from Le Wagon’s training.

Speaking about his experience with Le Wagon, Gulay said, “I had always been attracted to tech. So I started looking for ways to accelerate my journey into the data science field, and that’s when I came across Le Wagon. When considering Le Wagon’s bootcamp, it came down to really good reviews, really good outcomes, it had everything I wanted, from a course material perspective, and being able to talk to the manager here and ask them questions. The vibe that I got from that interaction was really positive.”

Julia Hanard, a former bartender at Pearl & Co who became an associate developer at REA Group, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “I was feeling like I wanted more from my career, I wanted to become a full stack developer. It looked like Le Wagon’s short and intensive program was what I needed. I read the reviews, it looked too good to be true, I tried it. I haven’t just learnt to code, I also built great connections, had fun, gained confidence and most importantly, I got my dream job. This decision changed my life.”

Having been training Australian students since 2018, Le Wagon aims to solidify its position as a key player in shaping the talent of tomorrow in New South Wales’ thriving tech ecosystem. In 2022, a total of 4,800 students across 300 cohorts graduated from Le Wagon globally, including eight batches from its Melbourne campus.

The Sydney campus, situated at Tank Stream Labs in the Sydney Startup Hub, will accommodate two classes of students—one for the Web Development course and the other for Data Analytics. Le Wagon’s offerings cater to individuals seeking a career change, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those looking to upgrade their skills within their current organizations.

In collaboration with Tank Stream Labs and Startup&Angels, two of Sydney’s prominent tech-focused entrepreneur and startup communities, Le Wagon plans to deliver workshops and founder events that provide valuable insights and networking opportunities. The first event, scheduled for June 29th, will mark the beginning of this partnership. Additionally, Le Wagon will offer its graduates the chance to gain professional experience within one of Tank Stream Labs’ fast-growing tech companies.

The inaugural cohorts of Le Wagon’s new Sydney campus will commence in-person training in October 2023, providing aspiring tech professionals with an accelerated pathway to enter the industry and contribute to the dynamic tech landscape in Australia.

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