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Kingston DDR5 server RAM gets validated for 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors

Kingston Technology has announced the validation of its 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB Server Premier DDR5 4800MT/s Registered DIMMs on the 4th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processor. Kingston is a world leader in memory products and technology solutions and offers server memory and data center (DC) SSDs to meet the global needs of storing, managing, and instantly accessing large volumes of data in traditional databases and big data infrastructures. The 4th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processor is Intel’s first to support next-generation DDR5 server-class memory and features eight memory channels arranged in up to two DIMMs per channel or 16 DIMMs per CPU socket.

Each DDR5 Registered DIMM provides a peak bandwidth of 38.4GB/s, which when grouped in multi-channel configurations provides a marked increase in performance over DDR4-based servers. DDR5 introduces advanced features for a more reliable and efficient memory subsystem, including on-die ECC (ODECC), double the number of banks and double the burst length, improved refreshes, inclusion of a power management circuit (PMIC), additional temperature sensors, decision feedback equalization (DFE), and dual independent 32-bit subchannels (40-bit for ECC).

Kingston has been a trusted memory brand by leading server manufacturers and the world’s largest data centers for over 35 years. Server Premier is Kingston’s industry standard memory solution sold by specification for use in white-box servers and is platform validated and qualified by leading motherboard/system manufacturers.

“We’re excited to announce the validation of our next-generation server memory parts on Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon scalable processor,” said a Kingston spokesperson. “Validation is always the first step for memory manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and compatibility of their memory solutions. DDR5 delivers the technology to scale in bandwidth and capacity to meet the performance requirements of tomorrow’s data centers.”

Kingston’s Server Premier features include a locked BOM (Bill of Materials), Part Change Notifications (PCN) for 90 days, 8Q roadmap visibility, server platform validation, leading server motherboard manufacturer qualification, limited lifetime warranty, industry-leading service, and support.

The following modules are available now:
KSM48R40BD4TMM-64HMR (64GB DDR5-4800 ECC Registered DIMM x80 CL40 2Rx4 1.1V)
KSM48R40BS4TMM-32HMR (32GB DDR5-4800 ECC Registered DIMM x80 CL40 1Rx4 1.1V)
KSM48R40BD8KMM-32HMR (32GB DDR5-4800 ECC Registered DIMM x80 CL40 2Rx8 1.1V)
KSM48R40BS8KMM-16HMR (16GB DDR5-4800 ECC Registered DIMM x80 CL40 1Rx8 1.1V)

In addition to server memory, Kingston’s Enterprise SATA 3.0 and NVMe Data Center (DC) SSDs are storage solutions designed with a stringent set of development requirements and a thorough testing process. Kingston’s SATA Data Center SSDs are reliable high-performance, low-latency drives built for data centers and efficient client systems. Kingston’s NVMe Data Center SSDs provide extreme speeds for exceptional Quality of Service (QoS) demands for extensive daily tasks to mission-critical information. Kingston offers enterprises a wide variety of products to choose from.

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