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Jamf launches cyber protection for high-profile individuals

Jamf, a leading management and security solutions provider for Apple devices, has launched a new mobile threat detection and response tool called Jamf Executive Threat Protection. Built upon technology acquired in the ZecOps acquisition last year, the solution aims to extend visibility into attacks targeting high-value users such as government officials, journalists, and executives.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection offers organisations a remote method to monitor devices and respond to advanced attacks, reducing investigation periods from weeks to minutes. It is designed to identify sophisticated digital threats that go beyond traditional device management and endpoint security.

The solution collects system logs and device information, which are analysed to identify potential compromise, providing users and organisations with the assurance that the security and integrity of their devices remain intact. Once a threat is detected, Jamf Executive Threat Protection provides built-in remediation tools to create a timeline of events and quickly resolve compromised devices, restoring device integrity with confidence.

According to Dean Hager, Jamf’s CEO, the rise of sophisticated mobile attacks means that it is more important than ever to maintain the security of these devices to protect valuable data. He stated, “Jamf Executive Threat Protection offers a unique solution that goes beyond endpoint security to provide advanced detection and response capabilities, empowering organisations to stay ahead of targeted attacks and safeguard their most high-risk workers.”

The solution is powered by Jamf Threat Labs, which consists of highly skilled professionals in the fields of cybersecurity, data science, and threat research. Jamf Threat Labs analyses security data from Jamf’s extensive customer base to identify anomalies or possible device compromise and surfaces those actionable insights through Jamf’s security products.

Jamf Executive Threat Protection is designed for government agencies, media and entertainment organisations, highly regulated industries, executive security/protection, oil and gas, and the energy sector, with powerful features including a collector that selectively collects information relevant to a mobile cyber investigation and advanced threat-hunting capabilities that allow analysts to explore device-level telemetry.

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