Ivanti partner portal and campaign central

Ivanti launches Global Partner Portal and more

Ivanti has launched a new Partner Portal. It’s a, “Personalised, role-based experience that provides automation of the partner life cycle and streamlines business processes.” It has also launched a new platform called, Campaign Central – a marketing platform that, “Enhances partner marketing efforts by co-branding professionally packaged marketing campaigns at zero cost.”

These solutions appear alongside it’s best-know platform, Ivanti Neurons, which, “Discovers, manages, secures and services IT assets from cloud to edge.”

Dennis Kozak, Ivanti’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Our partners are a critical part of our business and we are committed to investing in them. The Partner Portal and Campaign Central are just two examples of how we are continuing to invest in our partner community. We are committed to providing our partners with the tools and resources they need to be successful.”

The Partner Portal provides, “A one-stop shop for all Ivanti related content, tools, and resources across all roles. It also offers a marketing platform to support partner lead generation and demand efforts. Campaign Central enables partners to create and personalise every campaign. Additionally, partners can track campaigns securely and stay informed at every customer touchpoint with built-in reporting. The Partner Portal provides a personalised, role-based experience that will enable Ivanti partners to drive more leads and close more business.”

Ivanti states that Initial feedback from our partners has been positive, with many reporting that the Partner Portal and Campaign Central are game changers for their business. Integral Federal’s Lori Garber said about the latter, “I really like campaign central! It is super easy to create different collateral and customise it with our branding. The interface is easy to understand, especially after the enablement Ivanti provided. The pre-designed artwork is high quality and for a marketer like me, I appreciate that we can use something like this to save time.”

The Ivanti Partner Program was designed, “With the overarching belief that we are better together. Ivanti partners receive exclusive access to resources, tools, and connections to grow their businesses. Ivanti is consistently increasing our investment in our partnerships by offering more benefits and support through the partner program. Ivanti provides our partners with a unique opportunity to rapidly grow their business by providing market-leading solutions to customers of every size around the globe.”

For more information on the Ivanti Partner Portal and Campaign Central (or to apply to become an Ivanti Partner), visit: https://www.ivanti.com/en-au/partners.

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