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Hitachi Vantara unveils new Sustainability Solutions and Services

Hitachi Vantara, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. focusing on infrastructure, data management, and digital solutions, recently unveiled its new Sustainability Solutions and Services. This initiative is designed to assist organisations in reaching crucial environmental and decarbonisation objectives. The company’s expertise in various domains such as industrial, green transformation, energy, and mobility, supports this offering.

Logical Approach to Decarbonisation

Hitachi Vantara’s newly announced services are crafted to enable organisations to comprehend and subsequently reduce their carbon footprint from both physical and digital operations. The array of services and solutions offered concentrates on four pivotal areas essential for effective decarbonisation:

  • Green IT: This aspect provides a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s IT footprint, offering insights to decarbonise IT assets and operations. It covers various elements including application and asset energy efficiency, power supply equipment, scope 3 cloud emissions, and energy-efficient IT architecture.

  • Manufacturing: The services aid in understanding energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout manufacturing processes and value chains. This approach aims to foster business growth through reduced carbon intensity and improved resource efficiency.

  • Facilities: Hitachi’s offering helps in creating optimised systems that meet specific organisational needs by integrating sensors, advanced analytics, and control systems. These systems are developed to achieve heightened energy efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Data and Analytics: Hitachi Vantara co-creates solutions aimed at making a significant impact on social and environmental issues that are of importance to organisations and their stakeholders, leveraging its expertise in IoT, advanced analytics, digital twin, and AI technologies.

Expert Commentary

“Decarbonisation is a critical consideration not only for environmentally conscious organisations but also as industries navigate through a landscape of increasing regulation and requirements to limit carbon contributions,” commented Bjoern Stengel, IDC’s global sustainability research lead. “Hitachi Vantara’s approach equips customers with the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their processes and devise solutions that positively affect both sustainability and their bottom line.”

Enabling Action Through Innovation

The Sustainability Solutions and Services portfolio is informed by the collective experience and innovative technologies of the broader Hitachi group. It offers customers the ability to formulate and enact a measurable and achievable roadmap towards carbon neutrality targets. The precision dashboards available provide clear insights into carbon ‘hot spots’, assisting organisations in identifying and prioritising areas of focus to attain both their environmental and business goals.

Before initiating a carbon reduction plan, understanding specific needs is imperative. The new services by Hitachi aid customers in delineating a quantifiable path forward, supplemented with custom digital solutions. This approach is not only streamlined but also transformative, enabling organisations to actively participate in crafting a more sustainable future.

Real-world Application

“The agriculture sector is confronting stricter requirements regarding water usage overhead reduction, environmental outcome improvement, and compliance with regulatory standards,” noted Wayne Parr, director at Golden Grove Nursery. Golden Grove is a prominent supplier of citrus nursery trees in Queensland, Australia, producing between 200,000 to 250,000 trees annually and supplying up to 70% of the region’s citrus growers and commercial orchards. “Through the utilisation of data and Hitachi’s sustainability services, we have enhanced our irrigation management processes. This enhancement allows for intelligent daily monitoring of irrigation systems and precise watering scheduling, facilitating efficient planning for the months ahead,” Parr added.

Strategic Sustainability Planning

With the assistance of Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services, organisations can navigate their sustainability journey with confidence. These services aid in crafting strategic plans and defining measured steps essential for driving tangible change. Consequently, organisations are better equipped to transform, minimize environmental impact, and actively contribute to a sustainable future.

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