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Evil coal company invests in good green company

Cavendish Renewable Technology (CRT) has done a deal with the devil in a move that will either boost its Green Hydrogen business for the good of humanity, or sell its soul.

The release opens by saying Cavendish, “Is pleased to announce the signing of a Technology Development and Licensing Agreement with Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), which is part of the Adani Group. The agreement includes infrastructure costs for further development of intellectual property, licence fees and royalties on successful commercialisation of CRT’s state-of-the-art electrolyser technologies.”

At a time of climate emergency, Adani is building the largest coal mine ever in Australia’s history.

Nonetheless, Cavendish says, it, “Will now be able to accelerate its research activities to shorten the commercialisation pathway leading to near term revenue generation, in a hydrogen electrolyser market that the company views as grossly underserviced in the APAC region.”

Hopefully, that’s a net good. However, Cavendish then goes on to say, “Respected international utility company, Adani New Industries Limited has selected CRT as a technology partner for developing Green Hydrogen Electrolyser Technologies to meet increasing demand in India and the Middle East North Africa region. It covers the development of Alkaline Electrolysers (AEL), Polymer Exchange Membrane (PEM), Anion Exchange Membranes (AEM), and CRT’s innovative ‘C Cell’ technology for mass-scale production.”

Cavendish Renewable Technology Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ani Kulkarni said, “It is going to be a golden era for hydrogen over the next decade, and CRT is excited to receive such a significant contract from Adani; we believe this contract would underpin clean technology collaborations between two key economies in the APAC region.

“It is a great international endorsement of the activities of CRT’s experienced team which consists of industry experts with core hydrogen research backgrounds in addition to significant engineering and capital market experience.”

Genuine Green Hydrogen is a power source that has the potential to replace fossil fuels while simultaneously genuinely combating climate change and might just save the environment if implemented on a war-like footing. However, the association with Adani is troubling to say the least, as the company is one of the worst exploiter of fossil fuels on the planet.

While any investment into green hydrogen needs to be encouraged, one can’t help wonder what Adani’s true intentions are.

About Adani New Industries

Adani New Industries Limited is the manufacturing and green hydrogen platform of the Adani Group. It is focused on the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives, and the manufacturing of critical equipment for energy transition, including solar panels, wind turbines and electrolysers. Adani New Industries Limited is setting up a state-of-the-art vertically integrated 5 GW electrolyser manufacturing plant in India.  Its Electrolyser Gigafactory is an important element in the plan of Adani Group to invest USD $70 billion by 2030 in green technologies and projects. 

About CRT and the Agreement

CRT is a Melbourne based innovative hydrogen technology company specialising in state-of-the-art electrolysers. CRT’s PEM and AEL electrolyser stack designs are simple, scalable and tailored for mass production with reduced time and cost of machining. CRT has also developed a proprietary low-cost electrode fabrication process for catalyst-coated substrates, which is suitable for manufacturing at scale with established industrial processes. 

CRT is also focusing on next generation AEM and its proprietary C-Cell electrolysers. For its AEM technology, CRT has designed new iridium-free catalysts suitable for volume productions to meet future demands. CRT has already built a prototype AEM stack and blueprinting mass production. 

CRT’s “C-Cell” is an early-stage yet ground-breaking approach with the potential to improve the efficiency of alkaline water electrolysis. Using a combination of powdered metallurgy techniques and catalyst coating methods, the C-Cell design eliminates the need for intricate machining.

CRT plans to establish a pilot manufacturing plant in early 2024 for AEM electrolyser production. For more information visit:

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