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Dynatrace Integrates with AWS Application Migration Service

Dynatrace has announced its observability platform’s integration with AWS Application Migration Service (MGN), marking a significant milestone as the first AWS partner to achieve this integration. This development is poised to enhance the migration experience for organisations transitioning workloads to the AWS cloud.

AWS MGN is designed to facilitate the efficient and secure relocation of applications and infrastructure to the AWS Cloud, ensuring continuous operation during the transition. With this integration, organisations can automatically install and deploy the Dynatrace platform as soon as they start running in the AWS Cloud. This immediate access to comprehensive observability capabilities enables organisations to adopt cloud benefits confidently and deliver consistent end-user experiences.

Jevin Jensen, Research Vice President, Intelligent CloudOps Markets at IDC, highlighted the importance of this integration: “To scale new and existing applications while controlling costs, enterprises are continuing to migrate additional workloads to the cloud. This migration holds the promise of delivering improved business outcomes, but the process itself can be challenging. IT leaders need to consider a comprehensive solution that integrates their observability platform with their public cloud provider. Only then can enterprises gain full insight into their current on-premises workloads and ensure seamless, efficient, and secure application performance during and after cloud migration.”

The integration between Dynatrace and AWS MGN offers several key benefits for organisations:

Optimising Performance: Dynatrace continuously monitors applications and addresses potential issues before they escalate, helping teams maintain high performance and availability.

Managing Costs: By understanding which parts of an application are using the most resources, Dynatrace enables teams to adjust and reduce costs.

Understanding User Experiences: Detailed insights into user interactions help teams improve the user experience, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

Addressing Compliance and Security: Dynatrace provides detailed logs and performance metrics, helping teams meet regulatory requirements and detect unusual activity.

Jay Snyder, SVP, Global Partner and Alliances at Dynatrace, expressed enthusiasm about the integration: “We’re thrilled to be the first AWS partner to be integrated with AWS Application Migration Service. This integration will serve to help our joint global customers accelerate their cloud migration and modernisation efforts at speed and scale, an effort that requires complete visibility into application performance. With actionable, contextualised insights and advanced AI and automation at their fingertips, Dynatrace users can navigate their digital transformation with greater confidence about the stability and security of their environment.”

The Dynatrace and AWS Application Migration Service integration is now generally available. For more details, visit the Dynatrace blog.

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