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Dreame unveils new L20 robovac

Home appliance industry player Dreame Technology announces the Australian launch of its flagship robotic vacuum, the L20 Ultra. Revealed earlier this month at IFA 2023, the L20 Ultra garnered attention and awards for its innovative AI-driven MopExtend technology, designed for thorough edge cleaning.

A New Wave of Intelligent Cleaning

The L20 Ultra represents Dreame Technology’s latest offering in the smart home appliance market, embodying a leap in detailed and automatic floor cleaning technology.

AI-Driven MopExtend Technology

Addressing the common challenge of ineffective edge cleaning, Dreame Technology introduces the MopExtend technology, a part of the Duo-Scrub mopping system. MopExtend employs Position Sensitive Detectors to identify corners and edges accurately. Once these areas are recognized, the technology activates, extending the mop to closely align with wall edges, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience.

The algorithms within the MopExtend technology allow the L20 Ultra to excel in edge cleaning, even in intricate home environments, addressing consumers’ cleaning needs efficiently and thoroughly.

Duo-Scrub Mopping System

The L20 Ultra is armed with two high-speed rotary mops designed to remove stubborn stains and entrenched dirt effectively. It also features built-in dirt detection technology, which uses data from previous cleaning cycles to determine the need for additional cleaning, responding adaptively to factors such as seasonal changes, pet fur, pollen, or increased dirt levels.

Automatic, Efficient Performance

The L20 Ultra offers enhanced automatic cleaning experience with its upgraded base station, equipped with DualBoost 2.0 technology and a 3.2L dust bag. This setup allows for up to 75 days of dust storage without manual intervention. The device also cleans and dries its mop automatically, using a 4.5L water tank in the base station, with hot air drying to prevent mildew and odours.

User-Friendly Automation

Users benefit from automatic water and cleaning solution refills, maintaining the mop’s readiness for efficient cleaning while minimizing manual input required from the user.

Advanced Cleaning System

Designed for exceptional performance, the L20 Ultra’s advanced cleaning system is versatile enough to handle various home environments. The device uses Dreame Technology’s Vormax Suction System to optimize vacuuming efficiency on different surfaces, boasting 7,000Pa of suction power for effective dust removal and a high pick-up rate.

The device’s rubber brush is easily liftable for straightforward hair detangling and mop removal, providing powerful cleaning with a flexible design. It is also equipped with ultrasonic carpet recognition and mop-removal technology, offering enhanced cleaning options for carpets and rugs.

Users can select from three carpet cleaning options: mop removal, mop raising, or carpet avoidance, to suit different carpet types without causing unwanted wetness.

Smart Navigation System

The L20 Ultra integrates Pathfinder Smart Navigation, utilizing AI and 3D structure light technology to scan rooms, identify obstacles, and navigate around them. This ensures that accidental floor items are not vacuumed, preventing disruptions in the cleaning process.

Pricing and Availability

The DreameBot L20 Ultra is set to retail at $2,799, with discount pre-orders starting now, through Dreame’s official Australian store.

For those interested in experiencing the next phase in cleaning technology, the L20 Ultra is available for demonstration at Dreame Technology’s official L20 Ultra site.

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