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Divi does deal with Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced that Divi’s Laboratories, one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredients companies globally, has selected Juniper to deliver highly available, ultra-reliable networking solutions across its manufacturing operations: the largest API manufacturing facilities in the world. The network will enable Divi’s Labs to realise enhanced operational efficiencies and improved network experiences for its workforce of over 17,000 employees.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Divi’s Labs strategically partners with many of the world’s leading pharma companies, manufacturing and custom synthesising APIs for products used in over 95 countries including antidepressants, blood pressure medicine, antihistamines, and more. Its nutraceutical division also makes vitamins and beta-carotenes used in supplements, food, and beverages sold across the world.

Divi’s currently operates two manufacturing sites which run 24/7 near Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam in India, with a third under construction. Collectively, these operations make up the largest API manufacturing facilities globally, with a gross total of 14,500sqm of manufacturing space spread across over 64 buildings in the two sites.

Due to its stringent quality-control processes, Divi’s required an ultra-reliable network that could securely transfer data at line rate between its two plants without any packet loss. After experiencing difficulties managing and monitoring its network with their previous legacy solution, it decided to embark on a network refresh with Juniper that would future-proof several operational requirements.

“This network refresh would include reliable Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ switching to drive their wireless infrastructure while providing for organizational-wide network visibility, easy onboarding and manageability. Furthermore, Divi’s Labs required high-capacity uplinks and multigigabit downlinks to meet growing data exchange needs, as well as the ability to reduce power consumption to meet Divi’s sustainability commitments,” said Sajan Paul, Managing Director & Country Manager, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks.

Within each site, Divi’s Labs utilises the EX4600 as Core/Distribution switches, while EX3400 and EX2300 switches provide connectivity to critical network resources including Wi-Fi Access Points. In addition, their data centre also fully runs on Juniper gear, driving critical manufacturing processes like formula management, batch tracking, quality control, compliance tracking, and even production scheduling.

Across the network, MACsec encryption on the EX switches provides crucial point-to-point security, while Juniper Virtual Chassis technology has also allowed Divi’s IT teams to swiftly and easily configure, manage and upgrade multiple EX switches as if they were a single device.

The network upgrades from Juniper have provided Divi’s Labs with a highly secure, highly available and ultra-reliable network to continue producing world-class APIs. This is crucial as its business continues to scale up, especially in the pharmaceutical sector where life-saving drugs are created round-the-clock and in which uptime is paramount to ensure the most stringent of quality controls.

“Quality is at the heart of our business. With our manufacturing operations running 24/7, network services are mission-critical with any disruptions having the potential to cause significantly negative impact on production. We are delighted to have found a partner in Juniper who can deliver a reliable, flexible, and secure network across our facilities. This has in-turn allowed us to focus on supporting our production, research, development, and quality control operations – all crucial towards delivering our world-class APIs for critical pharma products utilised across the world,” said Manoranjan Jasti, Chief Information Officer, Divi’s Laboratories.

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