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Decathlon starts selling refurbished products in Australia

International sporting goods designer and retailer, Decathlon, is launching its ‘Second Life’ initiative in Australia, marking a significant step in its global commitment to sustainability. The initiative, which has been rolled out successfully in various parts of the world, will be available in Decathlon stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

Second Life offers customers the opportunity to purchase refurbished Decathlon items at discounts up to 50 per cent, giving previously owned products a renewed lifespan. The initiative also promotes environmental responsibility by supporting the recycling of Decathlon sporting equipment.

Romain Gravigny, CEO of Decathlon Australia, commented on the launch, “With Second Life, we’re amplifying our dedication to sustainability. It’s more than just an initiative; it’s our way of protecting our environment for future generations. We aim to provide access to sports sustainably, ensuring high-quality products while preserving our environment.”

Gravigny continued, “We believe in recycling, repairing, and reusing our sporting equipment to its fullest potential to avoid unnecessary waste. Through Second Life, when our customers feel that they no longer need a product, we encourage them to bring it back to us for another round of use.”

Products under the Second Life label include those returned by customers, former display items, or items with minor defects. Each product undergoes thorough inspection, repair, and cleaning before being reintroduced into the market at a reduced price.

Gravigny assures that the products’ integrity is maintained, “We’re confident in the durability and quality of our products. Before any Second Life item reaches our shelves, our team meticulously checks it to ensure it meets our standards. Customers can trust in the quality, safety, and warranty of these items, with the added benefit of more affordable pricing.”

The CEO envisions the program’s growth, “As the Second Life initiative becomes more established, we expect to see an expansion in our product range under this label. This will give more individuals the chance to enjoy sports in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.”

In line with Decathlon’s practices, each store will feature a dedicated space for Second Life products, where customers can return their used Decathlon items and shop for refurbished goods.

About Decathlon

Since its Australian debut in 2017, Decathlon has established nine stores in Victoria and NSW, including new pop-up stores in Sydney’s CBD and the Broadway Shopping Centre in Glebe. Membership to Decathlon’s warehouse is free, with potential shoppers able to sign up in-store or online.

Originating from France, Decathlon has expanded its reach to over 1,600 stores in more than 50 countries, employing over 80,000 staff. Australia’s inclusion in Decathlon’s expansion has brought forth a range of unique, high-quality sporting products at reasonable prices. Further details about Decathlon’s Second Life program can be accessed on its official website.

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