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D-Link launches D-View 8 network management system

D-Link has announced the launch of two versions of its latest network management system, the D-View 8. The Standard Edition (DV-800S) and the Enterprise Edition (DV-800E) offer comprehensive network management solutions, scalable and high-precision network monitoring, and traffic management to make network management more accessible and user-friendly.

Graeme Reardon, D-Link ANZ MD, highlighted the importance of this solution in a statement, saying, “As networks become larger and more complex to manage, D-View 8 provides network administrators a clear choice with its advanced features and a best-in-class visual representation of your private, local or global network deployments.”

The Standard Edition provides users with the capacity to manage up to 500 nodes, while the Enterprise Edition supports up to 5000 nodes, multi-server and multi-probe deployment, high availability, REST API, sFlow Analyzer, and more.

dlink dview8 screen
D-View 8 network monitoring.

D-View 8 provides centralized management for remote locations to make business operations run smoothly. It also provides custom alerts and actions to keep networks optimized and cost-efficient management to enhance network security, reliability, and optimized performance.

The software also provides Proactive Network Monitoring, which can resolve network issues quickly and offers customized alerts to prevent outages. The customisable dashboard offers drag and drop dashboard widgets, giving users easy access to visualised network analytics that matter most to any business.

D-View 8 offers comprehensive monitoring and efficient troubleshooting, allowing users to quickly access vital information across all network nodes such as link interface, device connections, sFlow data, device details, visualized topology, and rack view to identify and resolve network issues.

dlink dview8 screenshot
D-View 8 network mapping.

The software also offers batch configuration and schedule automated maintenance tasks such as firmware updates and file backup and restore operations, allowing users to reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify deployment. Users can also easily compare configuration files using baseline file comparisons.

D-Link’s D-View 8 provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes, and with the Standard and Enterprise Editions available, users can choose the edition that best suits their specific network management requirements.

Key features

• Versatile Network Management Software
• Real-Time Network Analytics
• Role-Based Administration
• Intuitive Dashboard
• Centralised Reporting
• sFlow Analyser (D-View 8 Enterprise Edition)
• Inventory Management
• Batch Configuration
• Firmware Management
• Service Monitoring

Availability and Pricing

The new D-View 8 Network Management System Standard and Enterprise Editions are available now for $5800 and $12,500.

More information can be found, here.

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