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CoreWeave and VAST Data combine to build next-gen Nvidia data centers

A new strategic partnership has been unveiled between VAST Data, a prominent AI data platform company, and CoreWeave, a specialized cloud provider known for powering significant generative AI efforts globally. This collaboration is set to enhance CoreWeave’s capability to provide scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure tailored for AI and accelerated compute workloads.

After extensive research and testing, CoreWeave opted for the VAST Data Platform to power its data centres. The platform, which is the first of its kind designed explicitly for the AI era, will be pivotal in establishing a global, Nvidia-accelerated computing cloud. This novel infrastructure aims to efficiently deploy, manage, and secure petabytes of data crucial for generative AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and visual effects (VFX) workloads.

Secure and Scalable Solutions for Clients

CoreWeave co-founder and CEO Michael Intrator noted the high demand among their clientele for secure and scalable solutions built upon fast and flexible infrastructure. Intrator commented, “This partnership with allows us to offer a multi-tenant and zero-trust environment specifically designed for accelerated compute use cases, such as machine learning, VFX, rendering, Pixel Streaming, and batch processing. The resulting infrastructure is up to 35 times faster and 80 per cent more cost-effective than what’s provided by legacy cloud providers.”

Intrator further emphasized that the partnership, which is deeply technical at its core, would significantly advance data-driven accelerated computing, providing an optimized AI cloud platform to the world.

Engineering New Data Platforms with NVIDIA

By joining forces, CoreWeave and VAST Data aim to leverage NVIDIA technology to craft a groundbreaking data platform architecture. This new design will support extensive data pipelines from end to end and is expected to offer next-generation data services for AI workloads. The VAST Data Platform features an enterprise network attached data store certified for use with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. It eradicates infrastructure silos, making large-scale AI more manageable, faster, and simpler, with virtually limitless scalability and performance levels.

Realizing a Vision for Cloud-Scale AI Applications

VAST Data Founder and CEO Renen Hallak expressed his company’s longstanding vision to create an architecture capable of supporting demanding cloud-scale AI applications. Hallak stated, “Partnering with CoreWeave brings us closer to realizing this vision. We are thrilled to work alongside the CoreWeave team to redefine the limits of modern AI computing. Together, we aim to build the infrastructure that will underpin the AI-powered discoveries of tomorrow.”

About VAST Data:

VAST Data emerges as a pivotal player in the AI era, offering a data platform that not only accelerates time-to-insight for workload-intensive applications but also ensures scalable performance and simplified data management. Since its inception in 2019, VAST has witnessed rapid growth, making it one of the fastest-expanding companies in the data infrastructure sector.

About CoreWeave:

Established in 2017, CoreWeave specializes in providing GPU compute resources on a massive scale, offering solutions that are markedly faster and more cost-effective than those available from large, generalized public clouds. The company caters to various compute-intensive uses, including AI, VFX, rendering, life sciences, the Metaverse, and real-time streaming.

For those interested in learning more about the partnership and the companies involved, additional resources, including videos, blogs, and solution briefs, are available. For further information, please visit VAST Data and CoreWeave.

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