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Brennan IT launches digital division

Brennan, has launched a new digital division to help the growing number of Australian businesses undergoing rapid digital transformations to meet changing needs in the post-COVID economy. Brennan MD, Dave Stevens, said that the new Brennan Digital would help companies adapt to significant shifts in the way their customers and workforces want to access and use digital services, and harness the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better business outcomes.

“Just as we have reshaped what companies have come to expect when it comes to managed services, Brennan Digital will not stick with the status quo, but reset the benchmark in supporting businesses with their digital transformations,” he said.

Drawing on capabilities from the recent acquisitions of MOQ Limited and Clade Solutions, Brennan Digital will focus on data analytics, AI, business transformation and consulting, in recognition that many Australian companies now have a greater reliance on outsourced IT to deliver their digital strategies because of the IT skills shortage.

Mr Stevens said he would initially be leading Brennan Digital, while the company actively searched for a high-quality executive to drive its success into the future. “Brennan Digital recognises that many companies are now having to change the way they do business through digital transformation in order to meet the needs of their customers and staff in the digital economy, better protect customer data and drive greater productivity,” Mr Stevens said. 

“These types of transformations can address a range of different needs such as mobile or remote workplace solutions, customer mobile apps, tighter data security measures, new ways of reading and interpreting data, or entire IT architectural changes. 

“Through Brennan Digital, our customers now have access to enhanced data and AI capabilities, meaning they can capitalise on their valuable data, connecting it to well governed platforms to gain insights that will translate into measurable outcomes for their business and customers.

“This includes areas such as advanced analytics, data platform modernisation and virtual database admin, and the ability to extend an organisation’s existing data analytic investment to iterate and quickly add value.

“We can also provide detailed consulting services, providing our customers access to experienced business strategists who help them think differently about their strategy and IT planning, ensuring their future IT actions are aligned to the needs of their people, business, and customers.

“This covers areas such as cybersecurity, risk and compliance, business capability optimisation, maximising IT investment and using intelligent data insights to give them a competitive edge.

“We differentiate in being able to provide true end-to-end capability from advisory and enablement, with 24×7 Support which has been recognised with awards.”

Brennan is already working with a range of companies on ways to significantly improve their business outcomes.

Mr Stevens said that while he was launching Brennan Digital, the team had been building its digital capabilities since 2005.

“We started offering some of these capabilities in 2005, but until now we have not scaled it like the rest of our businesses. The MOQ & Clade acquisitions, along with our organic growth, now means the new Brennan Digital is a $140m revenue business and it is the right time to launch as its own division”

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