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Bigtincan launches Zoom integration

Bigtincan, the AI-powered sales enablement automation platform, has announced the launch of its Bigtincan Engagement Hub within the Zoom App Marketplace. The integration means Bigtincan is available now to all Zoom customers.

The Bigtincan Engagement Hub allows users to sync scheduled and completed Zoom Meeting details into the Engagement Hub Meetings Dashboard. Meetings can be scheduled from the user’s preferred calendar tech and are automatically captured within the Engagement Hub. Recorded meetings are automatically transcribed and analysed using Bigtincan’s patented VoiceVibes technology to provide insightful conversation intelligence reports with objective feedback, valuable metrics and voice perception analysis.

The solution also provides next step content-centric actions based on the outcomes of recorded Zoom Meetings, and easily logs these activities into CRM systems.

Bigtincan CEO and Co-Founder, David Keane, said, “The launch of Engagement Hub in the Zoom App Marketplace gives customers the flexibility to use a favourite meeting provider and aggregate customer activities and meeting history into one location. In addition, the insights and capabilities provided by our intelligent enablement platform, such as conversation intelligence, transcript search and AI-driven recommendations of next best actions, give our customers additional value.

The integration also, ‘Serves as a solution for more effective coaching.’

Managers can quickly review recorded call results and receive AI-powered feedback including:

  • Automatic call transcription with word search
  • Percentage of participant time spent speaking, total questions asked, and conversation switches
  • Speaker articulation feedback across pace, clarity and use of filler words

For more, see Bigtincan’s website.

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