Brisbane B dynamic Logistics centre opening

B dynamic Logistics expands with new Queensland facility ahead of 2032 Olympics

B dynamic Logistics has inaugurated a massive warehouse and logistics centre in Brisbane, Queensland. The new facility was officially opened by the Hon Milton Dick MP, Federal Member for Oxley, in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 29 August 2023.

Strategically situated in the Richlands Industrial Precinct in Inala, the facility offers easy access to pivotal transport routes leading to the Brisbane airport and the Gold Coast.

Mal Siriwardhane, Co-founder and CEO of B dynamic Logistics, expressed the company’s vision: “With existing infrastructures in New South Wales, this Brisbane expansion allows us to offer top-tier, tailored logistics solutions to a broader range of businesses.”

Highlighting the rationale behind the expansion, Siriwardhane cited the impending 2032 Brisbane Summer Olympics and the associated demands. “Queensland is undergoing remarkable growth, both from a population perspective and burgeoning business activities. The upcoming Olympics has heightened the demand for robust logistics and warehousing solutions.”

He further remarked on the e-commerce industry’s growth, noting that while there was a national downturn, Queensland’s online purchases saw an 11 per cent rise in 2022. “Our investment is aimed at fortifying the retail logistics framework, ensuring an optimal online shopping experience for consumers.”

Reflecting on the broader benefits of the expansion, the Hon Milton Dick MP commented, “This isn’t just a success for B dynamic Logistics. It’s a community victory, heralding job creation, business opportunities, and bolstering the local economy.”

The logistics hub is set to employ around 100 professionals and cater to a range of sectors, from construction to e-commerce and retail.

B dynamic Logistics‘ leadership team for the Queensland division is led by General Manager, Paul Briscoe. Siriwardhane expressed his confidence in Briscoe and his team, noting that they’ve already amassed a significant client portfolio for the new facility. Alan Asbery has also been brought on board as the Queensland State Manager.

Siriwardhane emphasized the company’s commitment to serving businesses of all scales. “From warehousing to delivery, our aim is to ensure businesses can efficiently transport their products, irrespective of their size.”

B dynamic Logistics is also positioned as a tech-forward logistics entity, offering a custom software solution, ‘B dynamic Advantage’, which connects to various systems, presenting customers with myriad integration opportunities.

About the facility

The B dynamic Logistics mega centre is at 30 Flint Street, Inala. The 15,052 square-metre, state-of-the-art facility, positioned just off Boundary Road, is approximately 13kms from Brisbane CBD. Its proximity to main highways ensures efficient connectivity to SEQ’s vital transport networks.

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