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6 ways to help workers return to the office

With the transition back to typical office life, businesses are finding the journey is not as smooth as they had hoped. The hesitation to return to the workplace has spurred many companies to look for innovative solutions to address the challenges they face.

Jenny Folley, CEO of @WORKSPACES, commented on this trend, “No business wants to face a public dispute over return-to-office policies. Finding a balance between what the business requires and what the staff desires is crucial.”

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6 ways to help workers return to the office

1. Prioritize Communication

Rather than dictating terms, it’s essential to involve employees in the decision-making process. This establishes trust and shows that their concerns and suggestions are valued.

2. Facilitate Social Interaction

The pandemic emphasized the importance of human connections. Promoting social engagements and team-building activities will not only foster better working relationships but also incentivize workers to return.

3. Embrace Flexibility

Instead of a traditional office setup, consider incorporating flexible or shared workspaces closer to residential areas and allow flexible working hours.

4. Ensure Meaningful In-Office Work

With a shift in perspective towards offices as social spaces, ensure that when employees come in, their tasks are collaborative in nature. This maximizes the benefit of face-to-face interactions.

5. Offer Tangible Incentives

Consider providing additional benefits or perks to offset costs and financial stresses and make coming into the office more appealing.

6. Boost Wellbeing Initiatives

Nearly one-third of employees find mental health support at their workplace insufficient. With an evident link between happiness and productivity, businesses must enhance their mental health initiatives.”

Reaping the Benefits of Collaboration

Folley further highlighted the advantages of collaboration in a shared space. “Having teams physically together promotes creativity, reduces stress and enhances job satisfaction.”


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