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The surprising health benefits of Oysters

They were once a staple of the proletariat but, nowadays, oysters are commonly seen as a luxury. This is unfortunate considering they’re a relatively sustainable food source that’s high in zinc and copper – which some nutritionists are saying is good for people and not just robust, metal objects.

They do not contribute to the overfishing of our oceans, since they are farmed in natural seawater in Australia, sustainably and in their natural habitat. Oysters from Tasmania are particularly nutritious and clean, and are in demand worldwide

According to nutritionist Emma Sgourakis, oysters are a natural superfood, with a unique nutrient profile not found in land animals, that when eaten frequently supply nutrients known to boost immunity, the metabolism, fertility and skin health.

Sgourakis is the cofounder of Saturée, an Australian owned and operated skincare and supplements company. One of their top selling products is its Pure Oyster capsules, made from 100 per cent oyster meat, freeze-dried, from the waters of Tasmania.

“Oysters are uniquely nutrient-dense, containing significant levels of essential nutrients, in naturally balanced ratios, including Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Vitamin B12, Iodine and Selenium. Oysters provide the most complex spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals of any seafood,” Sgourakis said.

4 reasons why oysters can be good for health and fertility

1. Rich in zinc

“Oysters are the richest natural source of zinc. People associate oysters with boosting fertility due to their zinc content. Research indicates that zinc is essential for preserving sexual health and testosterone levels which may positively affect fertility,” Sgourakis said.

2. Antiviral protection

“Zinc is powerfully antiviral. It is important to note that taking zinc in a wholefood form such as oysters is far preferable to taking zinc alone in a manufactured form which can quickly create a copper deficiency. Oysters are naturally rich in both,” Sgourakis added.

3.Oysters support optimal skin health

“Oysters contain the key nutrients required to support best skin quality, with an abundance of zinc that supports Vitamin A usage – crucial for youthful skin and hormone health, copper for preventing premature wrinkling and selenium for liver health,” Sgourakis said.

4.Oysters protect against iron overload

“Copper is increasingly rare in the modern diet and an important regulator of iron. Iron overload can lead to lipofuscin on the skin, or age spots as they are commonly known, and premature greying of the hair,” Sgourakis said.

Why oysters should to return to being peasant food

“The reality is that most people do not get the opportunity to indulge in oysters due to cost. In addition, a lot of people do not like the look, texture or taste of oysters. The good news is that you can add oyster supplements to your daily diet without having to actually eat them,” Sgourakis said.

“There are different types of supplements available on the market. Saturée’s Pure Oyster capsules come in a bottle containing 75 easy to swallow capsules and are a cost-effective alternative to buying  fresh oysters. Choosing high quality food-based supplements like those we produce at Saturée means that you are guaranteed to be getting ingredients that come from the cleanest sources and they do not contain any additives or fillers. It is the next best thing to fresh oysters.”

About Saturée

Founded three years ago by fitness and wellness expert Kitty Blomfield and certified Nutritionist Emma Sgourakis, Saturée produces skincare and nutritional supplements that contain no polyunsaturated oils (PUFAs), toxic additives or fillers. Saturée is French for saturated, which is fitting for the company’s skincare line, containing only saturated fats, along with, “The world’s best skin nourishing actives.” While PUFAs are molecularly fragile and unstable with exposure to heat, light and oxygen, saturated fats are naturally stable and protective. There are currently seven products in Saturée’s supplements range and four products in the skincare range. Blomfield and Sgourakis are currently working on expanding their product range with new formulations in the works, with increasing demand worldwide.

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