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Investment in NDIS properties gaining traction

More Australians, particularly the ‘mum and dad’ investors, are looking towards a unique real estate investment: purpose-built custom NDIS properties.

A typical ‘mum and dad’ investor is envisioned as a middle-aged couple living in the suburbs. They have a family, attend gatherings and are looking to secure their financial future. Their choice of investment, however, stands out. They are considering a custom-built NDIS property, which caters to the specific needs of people with disabilities.

Nicholas Logan-Alessio, Director and Group Head of Acquisitions at Apollo Investment, highlighted the potential these properties offer. “Custom built NDIS properties can yield 10 to 15 per cent and are positioned for optimal capital growth. This makes them a viable avenue for investors to see substantial financial returns.”

“There’s a glaring gap in the market. Thousands of individuals with disabilities in Australia are seeking accommodations tailored to their needs. Yet, the supply doesn’t meet the demand,” Alessio pointed out. He further elaborated on the features of these homes, known as Specialist Disability Accommodations (SDA), which are supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Such homes include modifications, like ramps in place of steps, making them more accessible to those with physical or psychological impairments.

Considering the demand and the social benefits, NDIS properties have become one of the most desired real estate investments. Alessio added, “For those looking to purchase, one effective way is to build an NDIS property. With the help of a seasoned organization, investors can receive guidance throughout the process, from land acquisition to finding a tenant.”

However, investors should be cautious. “While demand for NDIS properties is robust nationwide, certain areas are oversaturated. It’s essential to collaborate with those knowledgeable in the field, including participants, SIL, and SDA managers.”

He emphasized the importance of selecting the right company to ensure success. “While many businesses in this sector operate on commissions, it’s beneficial to partner with a fixed fee-based company that can provide thorough project management.”

Alessio also mentioned other purchasing options. “For those not keen on building, pre-built properties ready for tenancy are available. Our focus is to be tenant-driven, ensuring that the houses specifically cater to their needs.”

However, Alessio warned against companies that don’t prioritize the needs of NDIS tenants. “Some companies, in collaboration with builders and developers, may provide homes that don’t cater to the requirements of the NDIS occupants. Such scenarios can leave properties untenanted, compromising the investor’s return.”

Apollo Investment ensures transparency throughout the investment process, passing on all rebates and discounts to clients. “We have a consistent track record. Every property our clients have purchased has met or exceeded the expected valuation,” he said.

Alessio concluded, “Investing in an NDIS property is not just financially rewarding but also serves a societal need. Rental incomes from these properties are backed by the Australian government, and they’re in perpetual demand. Now’s the time for investors to consider this avenue for a secure future.”

Apollo Investment, headquartered in Melbourne, specializes in NDIS home investments. With a vast national network and industry know-how, they scout for ideal locations to meet the demand among NDIS-approved tenants. Apollo Investment is committed to offering exceptional returns to investors while ensuring top-notch accommodations for those in need.

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