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Health influencer warns against keto diet

As the popularity of the keto diet surges, new warnings have emerged regarding its potential long-term effects on health. The keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, focuses on a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb intake. This dietary configuration encourages the body to burn fat for energy, resulting in a state called ketosis.

Kitty Blomfield, a prominent figure in the health and wellness community, has voiced her concerns regarding the sustainability and health implications of the keto diet. Blomfield, founder of the NuStrength brand and the driving force behind “Kitty’s 7 Day Challenge,” believes there is scant evidence supporting keto as a long-term weight loss solution for healthy individuals.

“Many dietary regimens can yield short-term results, but the real challenge lies in sustaining those results,” Blomfield commented. “There’s no point in undergoing a rigorous diet if you’ll revert to previous habits in a few weeks. A balanced diet, which includes carbohydrates, can provide sustained energy and support muscle maintenance. This is crucial because muscles, being metabolically demanding, burn more calories even at rest.”

The Role of Carbohydrates

Blomfield emphasizes the significance of understanding carbohydrates and their essential role in our diets. “When you deprive the body of carbs, it induces stress, elevating stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol,” she noted. Such a state can be detrimental to both short-term and long-term health.

Blomfield further explained that limiting carbohydrate intake puts undue strain on the liver. “The body resorts to gluconeogenesis, where it breaks down muscle tissue to produce glucose. This not only burdens the liver but also affects the conversion of thyroid hormones.”

Keto and Digestion

Digestive processes are also impacted by the keto diet. Blomfield said, “A perpetual state of fight or flight draws blood away from digestive organs, which in turn slows digestion and affects the production of stomach acid, bile flow, and digestive enzymes.” This condition can lead to a depletion of essential minerals and can have repercussions on hormone production.

Other Concerns

Keto diet enthusiasts might face other health issues as well. Blomfield shared her observations: “Women I’ve worked with often complain of brain fog, sleep disturbances, and hormonal imbalances after being on the keto diet. Some even experience significant hair loss.”

The Way Forward

Blomfield recommends a comprehensive approach to wellness for sustainable weight loss. “A balanced diet combined with regular movement and muscle maintenance is the way forward, especially for women above 30 who begin to lose muscle mass.”

Kitty’s 7 Day Challenge

Designed specifically for women, Kitty’s 7 Day Challenge offers an, “Holistic path to sustainable health outcomes.” The program provides a complete package including meal plans, workout guidelines, exercise videos, supplement guides, and community support.

About NuStrength

NuStrength assists women in achieving optimal health through enhanced metabolic functions and strength training. Blomfield’s ‘mission’ is to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need for sustainable health results. NuStrength’s offerings aim to help women, from various walks of life, embark on their journey to becoming healthier and stronger versions of themselves.

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