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Australia still facing skills gap crisis: Grist

COMPANY NEWS: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of change across the globe, resulting in a skills gap crisis in Australia, warns Peter Grist, a renowned expert in the training and development sector. Grist believes that if the government and private sector do not act quickly, Australia will be impacted by an era of lower skilled workers, resulting in lower productivity, reduced innovation, job satisfaction, and stalled economic growth.

Grist is the managing director of GRIST, an Australian corporate coaching and training business, which has launched a revolutionary training program called The GIST, that consists of bite-sized modules delivered by some of the country’s leading comedy personalities, including Shane Jacobson. The program teaches people how to be better managers and leaders through actionable learnings, and it delivers training through short punchy bursts of learning and comedy. The GIST is infotainment at its most educational and productive best, overcoming screen fatigue and allowing staff to be excited and eager to learn, even when they are working from home.

Grist states that the world experienced 10 years of technological change within a three-year period as a result of the pandemic, and it is estimated that 50% of workforces will need to be retrained every three to five years to keep up with the increasing rate of change. Therefore, many businesses are grappling with how to reintroduce training to their organizations in a way that will get staff excited and eager to learn, and can also be delivered effectively while many team members are still working from home.

Grist argues that inadequate training and development is not immediately noticed until there is a tidal wave impact and effect on business and the economy. “Training and development nurtures and encourages enthusiasm, it grows commitment and fosters a culture of innovation, creativity, and action. People feel more energized and excited about work when they are learning and developing their skills and capabilities. Training and development is confidence-building, and more confident people take bigger leaps,” he explains.

Grist’s concerns stem from the fact that Australia is facing a severe skills gap crisis, and this could have serious consequences for the country’s future. “Lower productivity, less innovation, reduced job satisfaction, lower levels of customer service, and stalled economic growth are some of the implications of an era of lower skilled workers unless government and the private sector move quickly to address the issue,” Grist warns.

GRIST has been helping organizations turn their learning programs into tangible business results for over 30 years. By embracing the power of micro-behaviors, GRIST enables the progress principle and ignites intrinsic motivation in people. Its approach is unique and sets it apart from the competition, who often rely on outdated methods like coaching to KPIs and numbers. Grist is passionate about elevating human learning and is looking forward to helping Australian workers reactivate their learning journey through The GIST.

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